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Even as we cleanse America of Soviet forces, they continue to play with their psychic technology, desperately hoping that their little toys will destroy us. We have discovered a Psychic Beacon in St. Louis. Take special agent Tanya in and destroy the beacon.
- Mission briefing

Operation: Free Gateway is the eighth mission of the Allied campaign of Red Alert 2.


With the defense of Pearl Harbor successful, the American military finally held a firm grip on the Pacific. The Allied commander responsible for the successful defence was even looking forward to some R&R at Hawaii, but the Soviet Union soon came up with another plan altogether.

St. Louis, the heart of ground control for the Missouri state, came under psychic control of the Soviets, from a psychic beacon deployed by Yuri's adepts in the bombed out Busch Stadium.

Reluctantly, President Michael Dugan ordered an attack on the city, permitting the commander to open fire on American citizens if it's necessary for the destruction of the threat.

Agent Tanya was to lead the attack, racing against time as the psychic influence bore through her training and mental resistance.

The city itself was under full control - all American soldiers and citizens were obedient Soviet slaves.

Mission events

There's nothing worse for a soldier... than to lose her mind.
- Special Agent Tanya, to the Commander
  • The mission begins with Tanya and her team being dropped by plane into the city.
  • When the Psychic Beacon is destroyed, the Americans launch an amphibious assault on St. Louis, deploying tanks and soldiers near the Gateway Arch. The forces include the new Prism Tank, a mobile version of the highly lethal Prism Towers.
  • At the same time, the civilians will begin to flee towards the riverbed in the hopes of escaping the Soviets. Many of them will be brutally gunned down before they reach that location, however.
  • Shortly afterwards, a team of Desolators will execute several defenseless civilians who had been imprisoned in the city center as a means of intimidating the American forces.
  • If the beacon is captured, all US forces that were with the Soviets, as well as a few Soviets go to your control.


Phase 1: Destruction of the Psychic Beacon

Tanya and her strike team were inserted into the city via paradrop north of the Busch Stadium. Racing against time they headed to the stadium by following the overhead bridge. Taking out enemy patrols along the way (including mind-controlled GIs) they exited the overpass at a civilian hospital.

With one engineer capturing the hospital, Tanya announced their presence by blowing a hole in the wall, taking out the Tesla Reactors and Tesla Coils in the process.

Once all the Reactors were destroyed around the Stadium, Tanya quickly demolished the beacon. At once all the Allied forces and civilians in the city were freed of Soviet mind-control and hastily made their way to the Mississippi River. Many of them however were brutally gunned down by the Soviets.

Phase 2: Liberating St. Louis

Amphibious attack

With the Psychic Beacon destroyed the US military launched an amphibious assault, landing at the Gateway Arch site. Tanya's strike team decided to hold their positions near the hospital to prevent the Soviets flanking the Allies. The Allies dug in at the Arch and prepared for Soviet counterattacks.

At that moment a team of Desolators executed several defenseless and imprisoned civilians at the city center to intimidate the American forces. Lt. Eva briefed the Allied commander of their devastating effects on infantry and could radiate points to block infantry and light vehicles from passing through safely.

The Prism Tank

Fortunately, the Allies got to field test their latest weapon in their arsenal - four Prism Tanks, courtesy of Professor Einstein. These latest additions served as the Allies' artillery and could deal with any threat, including Desolators from a long distance.

But they were lightly armored as the Soviets began attacking the Allied base, the surviving civilians scouted St. Louis and located the Soviet base.

As the Harriers made their air strikes, the Allied commander decided to use the Prism Tanks to level the Soviet base.

Constructing more of them enough for a division, the tanks did their job well. Literally vaporising the Soviets with their prism beams, the remnants of the Soviet army in the city made a hasty retreat. St. Louis was liberated.


Using St. Louis and Washington DC (from Operation: Liberty) as the beachheads, the Allies finally set about liberating the US mainland from the occupying Soviet forces and cut them in two, now with the Prism Tank in their arsenal.

However Allied intelligence learned of the Soviets capturing a prism tower and were trying to replicate its technology in Mexico.

Valuable assets

  • Tech hospital just south-east of the Psychic Beacon.
  • The remnant of the base, south of the arc.
  • Crate near the soviet tech center.
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