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Hey General! You know how a fuel air bomb works? Well... how about a demonstration?
- General Granger

The Fuel Air Bomb is an American support power.


A thermobaric weapon, the Fuel Air Bomb is designed to produce a massive shockwave. Said to be as powerful as a small nuclear bomb, it produces its deadly explosion by releasing a liquid fuel agent into the air first, allowing what is hoped to be maximum combination of fuel and air (it takes a large amount of oxygen to optimally burn fuel, thus the presence of carbon monoxide from car engines. Complete burning produces carbon dioxide). Then, an explosive charge detonates the fuel-air combination after the fuel-air mixture has a time to combine.

Since the explosion is dispersed over the cloud of gas, it has a difficult time destroying heavily built up targets, but will wreak havoc on unprotected infantry and light vehicles, and aircraft of all types. Furthermore, due to its over-pressurization and high heat, fuel air bombs tend to be very effective against bunkers.

The fuel air bomb can be upgraded to a MOAB (Massive Ordinance Air Burst) at the strategy centre for $4000. The MOAB is almost twice as powerful than that of the Fuel Air Bomb and instead of being dropped in a B-52 bomber it is instead dropped onto the target area by a B3 stealth Bomber which is faster than the B-52, so it is useful at defending the base when a horde of tanks are aproaching.

Uses in GLA Conflict

In the conflict with the GLA, particularly high-ranking US generals were able to deploy the Fuel Air Bomb, using B-52 bombers, against any target they so desired. General Alexis Alexander equipped her improved Aurora bombers, Aurora Alpha, with miniature Fuel Air Bombs with much success, to the frustration of enemy commanders.

As the war progressed, US generals opted in many cases to upgrade to the MOAB (Massive Ordnance Air Burst/Mother Of All Bombs), an even more deadly weapon deployed by fast-moving stealth bomber. This upgrade could be purchased from the Strategy Center.

The power of this bomb is so great that it can send heavily armoured tanks flying over great distances.



  • In the cameo, the Fuel Air Bomb is launched in a parachute from a C-130 Hercules. In the game, it is dropped like a bomb from a B-52 Stratofortress.
  • If a USA enemy is defeated while the B-52 carrying the bomb is en route to target, the plane will instantly be destroyed, and the bomb will detonate a few seconds later where the plane was destroyed.
  • The Zero Hour patch 1.03 changelog refers to it as a Daisy Cutter Fuel Bomb.
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