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Did you see Fullerton take down that gigantic walking SOB? Ice cold, man, ice cold.
- A GDI infantryman in Stuttgart

Lieutenant Fullerton is a soldier and elite unit appearing in Tiberium Wars.


He is a European GDI veteran, a Commando, stationed in Stuttgart. However, it is strange that despite being of European origin, he speaks with a Southern American accent.

Storyline development

This soldier participates in the defence against the Scrin advancing forces. When the Scrin invaded, he was among the few soldiers that managed to avoid death at the hands of the invaders and survive.

When communications were re-established, he rounded up the remaining soldiers (including infantry platoon Beta, an experienced squad) and led the counter offensive against the alien invaders.


Fullerton is identical to a GDI Commando and can die during the mission.

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