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Further Complications is the second Nod mission of Tiberian Twilight.[1] It depicts the three-way battle between loyal Nod forces, GDI, and the Nod Separatists over the Pacific Hub mid-way through the Ascension Conflict.


In the aftermath of Gideon's attack on New Adana, Kane continued to find his plan for ascension encountering intense resistance. GDI forces loyal to Col. Louise James locked down the Pacific Tiberium Control Network Hub in Guam, preventing Kane from aligning the Hub with Threshold 19. Kane also learned that Gideon planned to attack the Pacific Hub and destroy it so that Kane could not use it in his quest for ascension. Kane thus ordered loyal Nod forces under Commander Parker to attack Guam to secure the Pacific Hub and prevent its destruction by the Nod Separatists.


Soon after Parker deployed his Crawler in the area near the Pacific Hub, Gideon deployed his own Offense Crawler, crashing the party and aimed to destroy the TCN hub. Kane warned Gideon to stay away but Gideon dismissed it, claiming Kane to be "yesterday's man." Parker was then faced with three objectives: destroy the TCN node dampeners preventing the Pacific Hub from interfacing with Kane's network, secure the Pacific Hub itself, and destroy Gideon's crawler.

Following brief fighting against GDI forces, Parker destroyed one of the dampeners, disabling all the other dampeners in the area and allowing assisting Nod forces to assault nearby GDI defenses with subterranean drills. The mission then turned into a massive battle between Parker's Nod forces, the defending GDI forces, and Gideon's Nod Separatists. Parker successfully managed to destroy all enemy forces and secured the Pacific Hub for Kane.


Kane managed to gain control of the Pacific Hub, but he was furious at the amount of resistance being put up by Col. James. This would prompt him to order an attack on the GST Tzadik over the Forgotten Tin City.


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