Fury of the Empire is an operation in the Commander's Challenge. Takara Sato tells the Futuretech Commander that her Giga Fortress is more stronger for a wind blow and can situate itself at sea or in the air. This reminds the Commander and Kelly Weaver that Prince Tatsu of the Empire, who defected to Allied forces brought out the monster in rebelling himself and usage for an Imperial Commander to attack Soviet and Allied groups in Vladivostok. This is the final mission in the main challenges list and this will go into side challenges, starting with Two Sides To Everything. The previous mission was Out of the Blue.


The FutureTech forces said this is the last main challenge in the Commander's Challenge and Kelly Weaver sends the Futuretech Commander to China in stealing Takara Sato's first unlocked weapon: the Giga Fortress. He arrives there and establishes his forces together. Then, he blasts Takara with full might of his forces and destroys her base. She was defeated at the end and all of the side challenges can now begin for FutureTech Corporation. The first challenge is to steal the Sea-Wing from Shinzo who has three bases established right in the north of his homeland, known as the Empire of the Rising Sun.

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