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FutureTank operational.
- FutureTank X-1

The FutureTank X-1 is an Allied heavy assault tank in Uprising.


After the end of the war, the FutureTech Corporation began developing the prototype for an advanced computer-controlled tank. Powered by FutureTech's proprietary collider fuel cell, this "FutureTank" sought to combine the power and durability of Soviet armor with the advanced A.I. used by the Empire of the Rising Sun. The result was a technological marvel, an all terrain vehicle capable of not only functioning without a pilot, but also "thinking" on its own. It could even engage in conversation in more than 14 different languages, although the FutureTank was noted to have a rather gruff personality.

The FutureTank's two "arms" were in fact its main weapons - massive devices known as neutron scramblers. Using technology spun off from the Proton Collider, the neutron scramblers fire concentrated energy spheres that dissipate on impact, causing significant electrical and mechanical damage to anything in the blast radius, while friendly forces bearing encrypted frequencies were unharmed. In addition, excess heat generated by the collider fuel cell was stored in special reservoirs. By emptying these reservoirs through a focused array, the FutureTank could launch a devastating concentrated beam attack.

Because the FutureTank was capable of making decisions without human intervention, and possesses some of the most powerful anti-armor weapons ever made, both the Allied High Command and FutureTech possess instant-access codes that can permanently disable one or all FutureTank units in case of emergency. More importantly, FutureTanks were programmed to only use lethal force when significantly threatened, and were unable to cross international borders without prior approval. At any rate, FutureTech Corporation claimed its latest vehicle was far less fallible when it comes to combat-related judgment calls than human beings are, since they have friend-or-foe designation that prevents friendly-fire, and are naturally immune to battlefield stress and fatigue.


RA3U Riot Beam Icons
Riot Beam The FutureTank launches a devastating and concentrated attack with far more power than any conventional round.


The FutureTank X-1 is a heavily armored, slow, and extremely powerful tank. It is also the second most expensive Allied unit(Before harbinger gunship), costing 3000 credits and requiring both Max Clearance and a Defense bureau to be constructed.

Its burst damage is lacking compared to both the King Oni and the Apocalypse, although this is made up by the huge AOE damage done by the neutron scramblers. Also, its Riot Beam ability allows it to quickly incinerate any enemy units or structures in its path.

However, the FutureTank is far from invincible. Even though its neutron scramblers' blast radius can damage enemy aircraft, it will not target aircraft on its own. Despite being AI-controlled, is still vulnerable to Natasha's Pilot Snipe ability. Also, its rather slow speed means that it can easily be swarmed by anti-armor infantry. So it is recommended to escort it with anti-air and anti-infantry units, as losing even a single FutureTank is very costly.

The Chronosphere synergizes well with the FutureTank, since their dimensions are so slim, a surprising amount can fit inside the radius. Coupled with scouting units or the Surveillance Sweep protocol, a group of five or more FutureTanks can be Chronoshifted into an enemy base and completely cripple their production ability with Riot Beams, basically winning the game. However, doing so requires a tremendous amount of funds, and is very difficult without a solid economy.


Upon exiting an Armor Facility[]

  • FutureTank operational!


  • FutureTank X-1!
  • Hello!
  • Greetings!
  • I am ready!
  • Ready for battle!
  • Systems online!
  • Weapons on!


  • Complying!
  • Moving!
  • Affirmative!
  • Ok!
  • Destination set!
  • I move!
  • Received!
  • Advance!

Switch to Neutron Scrambler (Unused)[]

  • Main weapon armed!
  • Primary weapons on!

Switch to Riot Beam (Unused)[]

  • Beam weapon armed!
  • Arming beam weapon!

Attacking with Neutron Scrambler[]

  • Reseting!
  • Kill!
  • Retiring target!
  • Attack!
  • Destroy!
  • Terminate!

Attacking with Riot Beam[]

  • Burn him up!
  • Focus on target!
  • Beam, locked!
  • Charge weapon!

Move to Attack[]

  • Tracking target!
  • Enemy out of range!
  • Target acquired!
  • Set to kill!
  • Enemy!

In combat[]

  • Engaged!
  • Conflict in progress!
  • Resolution imminent.
  • Analyzing profile!
  • Estimating results!

Under fire[]

  • Receiving damage!
  • Under attack!
  • Systems damaged!
  • Spare my life!
  • Do not hurt me!




Surveillance Footage


  • The FutureTank's overall design is very similar to T-1 Terminators from the Terminator series. Its distinctive triangular tank track arrangement is also almost identical to those found on the large, ground-based HK-Tanks seen in the first two Terminator films (especially obvious from the FutureTank's concept art).
  • Occasionally, when an Apocalypse Tank uses magnetic harpoon on FutureTank X-1, its Riot Beam cannot lock onto any target location.
  • One of the unit's features listed in the unit profile is "data-mining rootkit". A rootkit is a collection of malicious computer software which grants remote access to and control over a computer or other system. This may imply that FutureTech plans to take over Allied computer systems using the FutureTanks.

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