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Imagine the possibilities, imagine what we can accomplish in the future.
- Kelly Weaver

The FutureTech Commander is the player character in the Commander's Challenge mode of Uprising.


During The Uprising, the FutureTech Commander was tasked by Kelly Weaver to take advantage of the chaotic post-war situation and collect the military technology of the three major powers. For this task, he was given access to the Allied, Soviet, and Imperial mobile construction vehicle.

Over the course of thirteen missions, the Commander engaged Allied commanders Douglas Hill, Giles Price, and Lydia Winters; Soviet commanders Nikolai Moskvin, Oleg Vodnik, and Vera Belova; and Imperial commanders Shinzo Nagama, Kenji Tenzai, and Takara Sato. In the end, he was able to defeat all of them and obtain the technology used by them.

After his success, the FutureTech Commander was congratulated by Kelly Weaver, who told him that many of the shareholders assumed the worst after the death of the previous CEO. The Commander then became the new CEO of FutureTech.

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