Future Warfare is the final Commander's Challenge mission and also, the last in the side challenges. The Allies are losing their hold, but one more technology is still with them. One of FutureTech's enterprises, the Future Tank X-1 must complete its work on surrendering three Commanders for the final time. Those Commanders are Lydia Winters, the British/Allied hi-tech weapons user plus Giles Price, another British national and Douglas Hill who held his defense in stopping the Commander from using Imperial Rocket Angels. If FutureTech wins, all eighteen technologies will be theirs for victory.


American Commander, Douglas Hill sits south-east of the player's position as British national Lydia Winters sits north-west of the player's position. Two Allied bases are led by Lydia's British colleague, former RAF pilot Giles Price. All three Commanders have Future Tank X-1s for FutureTech to steal from them. They were defeated by the Futuretech Commander who has the final prize and all three of his enemies were defeated in battle. All nine enemies were shown in a bonus video after their defeats by FutureTech around the world.

Briefing Information


  • The mission's title is a play on Modern Warfare, a first-person shooter computer and video game.
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