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Assault rifle


Detachable box magazine

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Third Tiberium War
Ascension Conflict

The GD2 is an automatic assault rifle with an integrated grenade launcher that was put into production after the Firestorm Crisis.


It is cheap, reliable and fully customizable, allowing it to be employed by various soldiers, ranging from GDI Riflemen and spotters from sniper teams to Nod Militants, normally through the use of exchangeable barrels.

The basic weapon itself is a conventional design, with a relatively short barrel, firing high caliber rounds. This made it an effective weapon on short and medium ranges but poor at long range. Given that most combat takes place on short ranges, this was deemed to be an acceptable trade-off. The integrated grenade launcher is breech loaded.

Various types of this weapon were continued to be used by GDI as late as 2064.


The GD2 rifle appears in Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath and can be seen in the first episode of the Tiberian Twilight motion comic.

Tiberian Twilight motion comic

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