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CnCTD N64 cover The following is based on the missions of Tiberian Dawn Nintendo 64 edition and might contradict canon.
Nod is experimenting on civilians with Tiberium. Use the commando to take out the SAM sites surrounding the dropoff area. With the SAMs gone you will then get an airstrike. Take out the Obelisk and an MCV will be delivered to help you to locate and destroy the biochem facility.
- Mission briefing

The N64 version of Command & Conquer came with four additional missions, all of which were ported to Command & Conquer: Remastered. GDI '99 Special Ops M1 is the first GDI mission exclusive to the Nintendo 64 release.[1]


The player starts with just a commando. Destroy the SAM sites then the player gets A-10s to either destroy the Obelisk or the two power plants. After that the player gets and MCV to build a base. The player cannot train another commando so don't let the commando die. The Nod forces will attack with mostly infantry and a couple vehicles. Get Mammoth tanks and NOT Orcas. The Nod defenses has too many SAM Sites to use Orcas is why. Get the airstrikes and the Ion cannon to destroy the Obelisks then get the Mammoth tanks to disintegrate everything. The two Apaches are not a threat to the vehicles so get either Mammoths or MLRS to shoot them down. Destroy the Lab to win the mission.


N64 playthrough
GDI '99 Special Ops M1


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