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GDI Airborne was a GDI support power in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.


This power calls in four V-35 Ox, which would fly to the designated location and unload two veteran rifleman squads and two veteran missile squads. The Ox transports, similar to the regular version, are vulnerable to anti-air units while in-flight and anti-surface units while landing.

This power is unavailable to the Steel Talons, since they cannot build armory.



  • Although the support power icon shows paratroopers, and the Tiberium Wars manual describes this ability as calling in paratroopers, the infantry summoned by this power does not actually paradrop.
  • If a constrained area is targeted for this support power, the transports may stay airborne and never land, and it's impossible to manually redirect them to land someplace else in that case. This is most likely a glitch.
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