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GDI Airborne and ZOCOM Airborne are military formations of the Global Defense Initiative, available as a support power in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.


In accordance with their air superiority doctrine as well as reliance on air power, GDI has formed airborne infantry units. Existing ever since the First Tiberium War, these brave men and women are specially trained soldiers that are deployed to counter enemy movements and sabotage their work both behind and on the frontlines.


In the Third Tiberium War, GDI airborne units have been made available as support to frontline commanders. Upon calling for them, two veteran rifleman squads and two veteran missile squads are airlifted onto the battlefield and quickly deployed. However, during deployment they are extremely vulnerable to anti-aircraft weaponry.

ZOCOM has their own variation on the airborne: the ZOCOM Airborne. With the only notable difference being ZOCOM deploys ZOCOM Rifle squads and Missile squads, which have ZOCOM-exclusive upgrades such as Tiberium field suits if researched.

Since Steel Talons do not have an Armory, they cannot use the GDI airborne support power.


  • Although the support power shows a paradrop, it actually uses V-35 Ox aircraft to transport and drop off its passengers. No parachutes are seen whatsoever.
  • If a constrained area is targeted for this support power, the transports may stay airborne and never land, and it's impossible to manually redirect them to land someplace else in that case. This is most likely a glitch.
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