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Offense is the best defense.
- Crawler operator

A massive four-legged walker, the GDI MCV Mk VII, Offense Class is able to traverse a variety of rugged terrain, and is designed to pursue, engage, and eliminate enemy forces. It is the heart of the player's war effort in Tiberian Twilight.


Its primary role is to act as a mobile projection of force anywhere on the battlefield, and is frequently deployed for a variety of missions including escort, search and destroy, and base assault. The Offense Crawler can be upgraded to construct additional units, including the Mammoth tank and the mighty AW-12 Mastodon walker, and can also be outfitted with additional engines, armor, and weaponry to personally lead the charge into battle.[1]

Game unit[]

While slower than the Support Crawler, the Offense Crawler can outrun a Defense Crawler. Unarmed when unupgraded, the Crawler gains an anti-medium turret on top when upgraded to tier 2. When completing the tier 3 upgrade, the Crawler gains a missile pod for attacking medium air and a chain gun for attacking light units. This makes the GDI tier 3 Offense Crawler the most adaptable unit in the game, as it has weaponry to take down 3 unit types.

While already quite heavily armoured, the Crawler can be upgraded with Composite Armor, which gives higher health and higher speed, so that it can hold its ground longer. When further upgraded with Advanced Composite Armor, it gains an even greater armor and speed boost, making it capable to outrun an MBT, and still keep standing against large groups of enemies. This makes the fully upgraded Offense Crawler arguably the most powerful Crawler in the game, even though it lacks anti heavy weapons.


Tier 1[]

Tier 2[]

Tier 3[]


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