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The Global Defense Initiative Treasury was a large complex in West Virginia, United States that housed the bulk of GDI's wealth. Prior to the outbreak of the Third Tiberium War, the Director of Treasury was Redmond Boyle.[1]


GDI Treasury Building

The plateau where the main Treasury building was

The Treasury complex was surrounded by mountains and only accessible through a valley heavily guarded by various base defenses. Multiple AA Batteries had also been set up within the surrounding mountains to fend off air raids. It was constantly patrolled by specialized Hammerheads fitted with searchlights, which were capable of detecting invisible units.

In addition to the refitted Hammerheads, the complex was also aptrolled by a large number of GDI infantrymen, backed by sensor-equipped Pitbulls. Most buildings inside the facility were also protected by AA batteries. Numerous pallets of gold bullion were stored throughout the complex inside G-771G containers.

Within the complex was a set of plateaus, each with a set of crucial buildings, including a communications center linked to the ion cannon network.[2]


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GDI Treasury Entrance

The heavily defended entrance to the complex

In 2047, Kane was in the middle of preparations for the coming war. His elaborate plan involved the eventual usage of the Ion Cannon on a Liquid Tiberium explosive; however, he knew that most GDI leaders were not foolish enough to make such a decision. As a result, he knew that one had to be spared when the GDSS Philadelphia (and all of GDI's leaders) were to be destroyed: GDI's treasurer, Redmond Boyle, who would assume GDI's highest position of Director once all above him in the chain of command were killed.[2]

Though the complex was well-defending from aerial threats, the lack of such emplacements around the entrance proved to be the complex's undoing. A pair of Shadow teams flew in and tagged each of the complex's Power Plants with targeting beacons, allowing nearby Specters to accurately eliminate them. With the complex's defenses powered down, the Specters and a group of Stealth Tanks moved in and systematically began destroying its assets and defenses. For good measure, the Communications Center linked to the Ion Cannon network was also obliterated and, eventually, the Treasury building itself.

GDI, on the other hand, was completely oblivious to the perpetrator behind the attack. The raid had dealt billions of credits worth of losses to their treasury stores with thousands more stolen and successfully delayed Boyle - his security directorate, Ramon Vicente, had frantically contacted him regarding the raid and asked for his return to the Treasury to sort the matter out. Nod's involvement in the raid went completely unnoticed, and GDI believed that it was conducted by a militant mutant separatist group that went by the name "Sons of Umagon".[1]

Kane's plans would soon be in motion...


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