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For other uses, see armored personnel carrier.

The armored personnel carrier (or APC) was a GDI infantry transport during the First Tiberium War.


GDI still uses the M113 tracked armored personel carrier in the events of Renegade. It is still produced in the War Factory. An upgrade has likely taken place, as its armor can shrug off several heavy attacks (including a direct hit from Nod Obelisks of Light) before the vehicle becomes incapacitated. As the name implies, it can carry multiple personnel at a time, with the driver controlling the vehicle and mounted machine gun.

After the war, GDI started using Amphibious APCs to quickly move infantry over bodies of water instead of just land, trading its machine gun and some of its armor for amphibious capability.


The entire vehicle needs to turn to train the gun and can fire on the move, albeit with limited degree of aiming. The vehicle is quite mobile, although not as fast as a Humvee or a buggy. The APC can squish infantry and has a secured live support module to protect against Tiberium hazards.

In Tiberian Dawn, Nod does not use the APC with the exception of some campaign missions where they use stolen M113 APCs. However, Nod used a modified four-wheeled BRDM as their APC in the events of Renegade, which has no major differences with the GDI version.


In multiplayer, the APC is typically used to rush into the enemy base, both in early and late game. They can also mow down stray infantry and light vehicles.


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