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CNCTW GDI Construction Yard Cameo

The construction yard was GDI's core building during the Third Tiberium War.


The new and improved construction yard has a few new additions, as GDI can now enlarge its construction radius by constructing surveyors and deploying them anywhere. Construction methods have been refined, so cranes can be constructed to replace the construction yard, or at least to unburden it. GDI complete control over Blue zone may play role in its design as the Blue zone is pristine and easily navigable area, unlike the neglectable (and thus, offroad enviroment) Yellow zone or the obstacle filled Red zone.


Identical in function to the Scrin Drone platform and the Nod construction yard. These are different from Scrin's as it can only move on land, not fly, when in mobile mode. The basic design doesn't change much from the earlier version that it is a very large, boxy building with crane and construction aparatus. Similar as before, Construction yard can be deployed from MCV, but can be redeployed back to MCV to be deployed elsewhere. The MCV itself is can be assembled in the war factory. GDI crane cannot construct the yard directly; A war factory must exist before an MCV can be assembled.

A Construction Yard can be unpacked at any time and moved to a new location as an MCV for redeployment. Selling a Construction Yard yields 1750 credits, an Engineer, and a Rifleman Squad.

The Construction yard can produce:


Icon Structures Requirements Role
CNCTW GDI Crane Cameo Crane none Production Support Structure
CNCTW GDI Power Plant Cameo Power plant none Power supply
CNCTW GDI Tiberium Refinery Cameo Tiberium refinery none Resource processor
CNCTW Barracks Cameo Barracks Power plant Infantry production
CNCTW GDI War Factory Cameo War Factory

Power plant
Tiberium refinery

Vehicle production
CNCTW Command Post Cameo Command post

Power plant
Tiberium refinery

Technology enhancer
Support power provider

CNCTW GDI Tiberium Silo Cameo Tiberium silo Tiberium refinery Tiberium storage
CNCTW Armory Cameo Armory
Barracks Infantry support structure
CNCTW Tech Center Cameo Tech Center Command post Technology Building
CNCTW Airfield Cameo Airfield Command post Aircraft construction and maintenance
CNCTW Ion Cannon Control Center Cameo Ion cannon control Tech Center Superweapon
CNCTW Space Command Uplink Cameo Space command uplink Tech Center Support power provider
CNCKW Reclamator Hub Cameo Reclamator hub Tech Center Advanced vehicle production structure
CNCKW Combat Support Airfield Cameo Combat support airfield Airfield Support airfield


Icon Structures Requirements Role
CNCTW Watchtower Cameo Watchtower Power plant Anti-infantry defense
CNCTW Guardian Cannon Cameo Guardian cannon Barracks Anti-vehicle defense
CNCTW AA Battery Cameo Anti-air battery Command post Anti-aircraft defense
CNCTW Sonic Emitter Cameo Sonic emitter
Armory Advanced anti-ground base defense
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