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The second-generation war factory was a GDI structure used to produce vehicles during the Second Tiberium War and the Firestorm Crisis.


In tandem with GDI's effort of fielding walkers to the heat, their factories were redesigned. Now they incorporated much a larger and taller hangar to accomodate standing walker units. Additional warning and guide lights are incorporated to guide the tank and walker drivers. The building is also capable of facilitating exotic weapon system assembly, provided that it is backed by an adequate building.


Following the Firestorm Crisis, GDI war factories were extensively upgraded, and were able to house advanced repair drones capable of repairing nearby vehicles - effectively retiring GDI Service Depots.


  • Only 5 units may be trained at a time in the build queue.
  • The more war factories there are, the faster the walkers and vehicles are constructed.


Icon Unit Requirements Ability
TS GDI Harvester Icons.gif Harvester Tiberium refinery
  • Collects Tiberium
  • Self-repairs
TS Amphibious APC Icons.gif Amphibious APC Barracks
  • Transports up to 5 infantry units
  • Amphibious
TS Wolverine Icons.gif Wolverine none

Immune to veins

TS Titan Icons.gif Titan none

Can shoot over walls

FS GDI Limpet Drone Icons.gif Limpet drone
(Firestorm only)
Radar station
  • Amphibious
  • Slows target's movement speed
  • Shares target's vision
  • Stealthed when deployed
TS GDI MSA Icons.gif Mobile sensor array Radar station
  • Detects stealth and subterranean units
  • Radar invisible
FS Juggernaut Icons.gif Juggernaut
(Firestorm only)
Radar station


TS Hover MRLS Icons.gif Hover MLRS Radar station Amphibious
TS Disruptor Icons.gif Disruptor Tech center Able to fire on multiple units in its straight line of fire
TS Mammoth Mk II Icons.gif Mammoth Mk. II Tech center
  • Self-repairs
  • Able to fire on multiple units in its straight line of fire
TS GDI MCV Icons.gif MCV Tech center

Deploys into a construction yard

FS Mobile War Factory Icons.gif Mobile war factory
(Firestorm only)
Upgrade center

Deploys into a mobile war factory

FS Mobile EMP Icons.gif Mobile EMP
(Firestorm only)
EMP Cannon
  • Can shut down all enemy ground vehicles, cyborgs and structures around itself for over a minute.


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