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TW gameicon.png KW gameicon.png
CNCTW GDI War Factory Cameo.png War Factory
TW GDI War Factory 2.png
Internal name GDIWarfactory
Affiliation CNC3 GDI logo.png GDI
CNCKW Steel Talons Logo.png Steel Talons
Role Vehicle production and maintenance
Hit points 10000
Armor type Heavy (75% Cannon, 50% Rocket, 100% Grenade, 25% Gun, 1% Sniper)
Cost $2000
Build time 0:20
Produced by GDI construction yard
Requires GDI power plant
GDI Tiberium refinery
Hotkey F4
Sight range 400
Power -7
Produces Vehicles
Abilities Vehicle repair

The War Factory is GDI's main vehicle assembly building in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.


The war factory is responsible for constructing all GDI ground vehicles. It has an external storage area for blocks of raw material (same as the ones used by the construction yard), and when assembling a vehicle, the shutter on the roof of the war factory opens, and the crane hanging at the top places one of the blocks into it.

In addition, the war factory is equipped with three autonomous repair drones, which can perform repairs on nearby vehicles.

Game structure

The War Factory can be used to aid in vehicular base defense, as it will repair vehicles nearby even as they take damage. As a result, it's a useful tactic to place it near the "forward" edge of your base. They do not, however, project a ground control radius, focusing resources instead upon unit production, so this may make further localized base expansion more difficult in that direction. War Factories are responsible for MCV production, making them a big target for "disabling" a base once construction buildings have been eliminated. As such, they should alternatively be defended well, to allow recovery in the case of accidental MCV loss.

Produced vehicles

Icon Unit Requirements Ability
CNCTW Pitbull Cameo.png Pitbull none

Detects stealth
Call for transport

CNCTW Guardian APC Cameo.png Guardian APC GDI and ZOCOM only Lay mines
Call for transport
CNCKW MRT Cameo.png Mobile Repair Transport Steel Talons only Lay mines
Call for transport
CNCTW Predator Tank cameo.png Predator Tank GDI and ZOCOM only Call for transport
CNCKW Titan Cameo.png Titan Steel Talons only Crush Lesser Units
Adaptive Armor
Call for transport
CNCTW GDI MCV Cameo.png MCV none Deploy
CNCTW GDI Harvester Cameo.png Harvester Tiberium refinery
GDI only
Carries four sets of Tiberium potions in four slides
CNCKW Rocket Harvester Cameo.png Rocket harvester Tiberium refinery
ZOCOM only
Carries four sets of Tiberium potions in four slides
CNCKW Heavy Harvester Cameo.png Heavy harvester Tiberium refinery
Steel Talons only
Carries an infantry squad in its bunker
Carries four sets of Tiberium potions in four slides
CNCTW Rig Cameo.png Rig Command post Deploy
CNCKW Slingshot Cameo.png Slingshot Command post Call for transport
CNCKW Shatterer Cameo.png Shatterer Command post
GDI only
Call for transport
CNCKW Zone Shatterer Cameo.png Zone Shatterer Command post
ZOCOM only
Overload Beam
Call for transport
CNCKW Wolverine Cameo.png Wolverine Steel Talons only Call for transport
CNCTW Mammoth Tank Cameo.png Mammoth Tank Tech Center Crush smaller units
Adaptive Armor
CNCTW Juggernaut Cameo.png Juggernaut Tech Center
GDI only
CNCKW Behemoth Cameo.png Behemoth Tech Center
Steel Talons only

Behind the scenes

  • The original design of the war factory was dramatically different from the final version, being a tall, roughly cylindrical "all-terrain structure" with an upgrade that decreases build time, an upgrade to produce veteran units, an upgrade that allows production of Mammoth tanks, and a missile battery for defense. According to the GDI Style Guide, the original war factory design was the result of Otani-Lincoln Laboratories research into autonomous All Terrain Structures, as part of a research project commissioned by GDI's Mil-Spec Omnibus Agency. It was capable of manufacturing light armored vehicles and tanks in one to two minutes, and a Mammoth tank in two to three minutes.[1]
  • The original war factory design was recycled as the Defensive Grid Station in the second Scrin mission in Tiberium Wars and as the Tiberium processing plant strategic structure in the Global Conquest mode of Kane's Wrath.



  1. Duane Loose. 2006. "Block 10 Technical Bulletin #1: Designn". File mirror
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