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Vehicle Production Facility



Hit points


Armour type

Heavy (75% Cannon, 50% Rocket, 100% Grenade, 25% Gun, 1% Sniper)



Build time


Produced by

GDI Construction Yard


GDI Power Plant
GDI Tiberium Refinery








Vehicle repair

CNCTW GDI War Factory Cameo

The War Factory is GDI's main vehicle assembly building in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.


These fully automated factories are a result of Otani-Lincoln Laboratories research into autonomous All Terrain Structures, as part of a research project commissioned by GDI's Mil-Spec Omnibus Agency. In 2040, 30 years after their initial contract, GDI deployed the first OLL designed War Factory of the modern era during the battle of San Vicente in Argentina.[1]

Combining the ability to manufacture light and heavy armor in a high throughput robotic manufacturing with the build anywhere and ATS design principles, the OLL War Factory was credited with turning the tide of the battle and obtaining victory for the GDI ground forces over NOD terrorist cells worldwide. While the actual output of the War Factory is classified the numbers are reported in the press to be in the range of 1 to 2 minutes for light armored vehicles and tanks.[1]

These next generation war factories are equipped with repair drones, automated flying robots capable of repairing any damaged vehicles in the vicinity of the factory, as long as they are still functioning.


The War Factory can be used to aid in vehicular base defense, as it will repair vehicles nearby even as they take damage. As a result, it's a useful tactic to place it near the "forward" edge of your base. They do not, however, project a ground control radius, focusing resources instead upon unit production, so this may make further localized base expansion more difficult in that direction. War Factories are responsible for MCV production, making them a big target for "disabling" a base once construction buildings have been eliminated. As such, they should alternatively be defended well, to allow recovery in the case of accidental MCV loss.

Produced vehicles

Icon Unit Requirements Ability
CNCTW Pitbull Cameo Pitbull none

Detects stealth
Call for transport

CNCKW Wolverine Cameo Wolverine Steel Talons only Call for transport
CNCTW Predator Tank cameo Predator Tank GDI and ZOCOM only Call for transport
CNCKW Titan Cameo Titan Steel Talons only Crush Lesser Units
Adaptive Armor
Call for transport
CNCTW Guardian APC Cameo Guardian APC GDI and ZOCOM only Lay mines
Call for transport
CNCKW MRT Cameo Mobile Repair Transport Steel Talons only Lay mines
Call for transport
CNCTW GDI MCV Cameo MCV none Deploy
CNCTW GDI Harvester Cameo Harvester Tiberium refinery
GDI only
Carries four sets of Tiberium potions in four slides
CNCKW Rocket Harvester Cameo Rocket harvester Tiberium refinery
ZOCOM only
Carries four sets of Tiberium potions in four slides
CNCKW Heavy Harvester Cameo Heavy harvester Tiberium refinery
Steel Talons only
Carries an infantry squad in its bunker
Carries four sets of Tiberium potions in four slides
CNCTW Rig Cameo Rig Command post Deploy
CNCKW Slingshot Cameo Slingshot Command post Call for transport
CNCKW Shatterer Cameo Shatterer Command post
GDI only
Call for transport
CNCKW Zone Shatterer Cameo Zone Shatterer Command post
ZOCOM only
Overload Beam
Call for transport
CNCTW Mammoth Tank Cameo Mammoth Tank Tech Center Crush smaller units
Adaptive Armor
CNCTW Juggernaut Cameo Juggernaut Tech Center
GDI only
CNCKW Behemoth Cameo Behemoth Tech Center
Steel Talons only


While the original design called for a tall, circular building, for unknown reasons, the building in the final game is a simple assembly hall, while the large, cylindrical war factory was recycled in Tibeirum Wars as Munich's defence nexus and in Kane's Wrath as a Tiberium processing plant strategic structure. However, it can be assumed that the backstory in the GDI style guide is still applicable, as most of the details match.



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