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How 'bout some action?
- GI
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G.I.s (Government Issue or General Infantry) formed the core of Allied infantry in the first and second iterations of the Third World War.


These soldiers possess basic combat training in urban warfare, which allowed them to effectively garrison civilian buildings and use them as makeshift fortifications.

Each GI was equipped with what appears to be a Spectre submachine gun which they used on foot, and an M60 general-purpose machine gun which they used in entrenched positions. For protection, they wore a composite combat vest with shoulder pads and a composite helmet with goggles. The game's files identify the GI's standard weapon as the M60 and its deployed weapon as "para".


GIs may deploy into a ring of sandbags. In this static mode, they do more damage per burst and have longer range, which is enough to keep most hostile infantry away, but also to counter lighter vehicles. When massed in this mode, they can defend themselves against almost any ground threat, all the way up to heavier tanks like the Apocalypse. When undeployed, the GI uses an SMG, which is inferior to the Conscript's weapon. When put into an IFV, they gain even more firepower against infantry, but the damage output to buildings and vehicles is less potent. The GI may also garrison structures and do more damage per second than garrisoned conscripts, but are outmatched by garrisoned initiates.


After the war, they were replaced by peacemakers in the Post-War Crisis, and later by peacekeepers in the War of the Three Powers, which possess shotguns, and are more effective against enemy infantry.



  • Decent against infantry and light vehicles.
  • When deployed, their firepower and rate of fire improve considerably.
  • Excellent defensive units.
  • Able to take on heavy armour in entrenched positions in large numbers, and light armour in moderate numbers.
  • Effective against infantry and structures when deployed.
  • Can garrison buildings to vastly improve fighting power and survivability.
  • Elite GIs can outrange basic defensive structures.


  • Easily countered by anti-infantry weapons.
  • Ineffective when mobile, losing in one-on-one fights against conscripts and initiates.
  • If they fire second in a one-on-one fight against conscripts, they lose.
  • Vulnerable to long-ranged units when deployed.


Sir, yes, sir!
- When selected
- When selected
Squared away, sir!
- When selected
- When selected
How 'bout some action?
- When selected
Can do!
- When selected
Who's next?
- When selected (cut)
Movin' out!
- When moving
Got it!
- When moving
On my way!
- When moving
Double time!
- When moving
On the move!
- When moving
- When moving
- When ordered to attack
You got it!
- When ordered to attack
Enemy sighted!
- When ordered to attack
Let's do it!
- When ordered to attack
Diggin' in!
- When ordered to attack
Safety first, sir!
- When ordered to attack
We're pinned down!
- Under fire
We're being attacked!
- Under fire


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  • GIs seen in cutscenes are played by Sharif Perry, Micheal Rouleau, Jeremy Olson, Brett Logan, Lamar Lucas, and McKenzie Woodcock.
  • The game unit was voiced by Michael Bell, like most Allied infantry.
  • Some concept art refers to them as heavy machine gunners.
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