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The GPS Scrambler is a GLA Power introduced in Zero Hour.

Game Effect[]

GPS Scrambler grants stealth all friendly units caught in its AOE. This effect persists as long as the unit exists, but is lost briefly when it breaks stealth to attack.

GPS Scrambler cannot affect the following units:


  • Prince Kassad introduced the GPS Scrambler to the GLA. Following his split from the GLA, he took the technology with him. Not wishing to lose such an advantage the new GLA supreme commander ordered one of his generals to eliminate Kassad and take it back.
  • The GPS Scrambler was supposed to come in three levels, increasing its area of effect with each level. There are selection pictures for all three levels. The GPS Scrambler that's in the game only uses the first picture, leaving the other two unused.
  • Real life GPS scramblers or jamming devices send out radio signals on the same frequency as GPS satellites to cause any navigation systems using GPS unable to determine an accurate location because of radio interference. The Scramblers in game does not resemble the real life technology.
    • It may be because GLA units jam their own navigation systems so that their exact position is not known by enemies, which explains the units being invisible from radar.
  • The GPS device in the icon is either a Garmin StreetPilot III or a Garmin GPSMAP 295.
  • GLA AI opponents are able to use the GPS Scrambler every 1–2 minutes.


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