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The GST Uzziel is a Global Stratospheric Transport and the command ship of Kane and, by extension, the entire Brotherhood of Nod.


The Uzziel is Kane's personal ship. It contains a command center tied into the TCN, an infirmary and other essential facilities. However, little else is known about it due to Nod being protective of its security. Presumably, it is much like others of its class.

Campaign events

If the Parker sides with Kane, he transfers to the Uzziel and reports personally to the Prophet. His wife, Lillian Parker also transfers later on, trying to assist her husband and his new employer as best she can. In Reversal of Fortune, Parker must protect a shuttle from the Uzziel from enemy attacks, while it searches for the location of Gideon's Crawler, so it may be hacked later on in the mission.

However, despite only a shuttle coming, the Uzziel never makes an appearance in-game otherwise.

Biblical references

According to the Torah, Uzziel (Hebrew: עוּזִיאֵל, ʿÛzîʾēl‎, meaning El is my strength or God is my strength) was the father of Mishael, Elzaphan, and Zithri, and was a son of Kohath and grandson of Levi, consequently being the brother of Amram and uncle of Aaron, Miriam, and Moses. Uzziel is portrayed in the text as the founder of the Uzzielite faction of Levites; however, despite Uzziel supposedly being Kohath's son, and Elzaphan's father, on some occasions the Book of Chronicles treats the Uzzielites as being quite distinct from the descendants of Kohath, and from those of Elzaphan.

No further details of Uzziel's life are given by the Bible, and according to biblical scholars the genealogy for Levi's descendants is actually an aetiological myth, reflecting popular perception of the connections between different Levite factions; textual scholars attribute the genealogy to the Book of Generations, a document originating from a similar religiopolitical group and date to the priestly source).

According to the Christian angelic hierarchy, Uzziel is a powerful Cherubim. His name means "Strength of God."

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