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Gabon, officially the Gabonese Republic, is a Western African country on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Gabon is bordered by Equatorial Guinea to the northwest, Cameroon to the north, the Republic of Congo on the east and south, and the Atlantic Ocean's Gulf of Guinea to the west.

Gabon's has large oil reserves which are the source of much of it's wealth, although timber and the mining of manganese is also important.

Tiberium Universe

First Tiberium War

Prior to the First Tiberium War, the government was aligned to the GDI. By the start of the First Tiberium War however Gabon had defected to the Brotherhood of Nod. Possibly this was because the declining value of it's oil due to the rise of Tiberium as a power source had caused economic dislocation and rendered Nod's promise of a Tiberium future attractive.

But following the fall of it's the powerful neighboring Cameroon to GDI forces, the President of Gabon had betrayed Nod in a bid to save himself and his government. But having burned it's bridges with Nod, Gabon was soon forced to rejoin the GDI.

Nod forces would invade the country following their conquest of West Africa, gained control of a valuable Tiberium field near Koula-Moutou and annihilated a village infected with Tiberium sickness despite the best efforts of the GDI forces in order to prevent the infection spreading. Financed by this field they would soon have driven GDI forces out of Gabon, deposing the President that had betrayed them and installing another.  Based upon the very low expendability of Gabon it can be surmised that Nod forces were generally welcomed as liberators.

Gabon would remain under Nod control for the rest of the war.

Nod categorisation of GDI controlled Gabon

Third Tiberium War

By 2047, Gabon was classified a Yellow Zone due to the uncontrolled spread of Tiberium.

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