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The gap generator is a fragile, towering structure that was developed by Albert Einstein for the Allies in the Second World War as an offshoot of the Philadelphia Experiment.


The Gap Generator allows the Allies to hide associated base from enemy sight. Any enemies scouting the area will only reveal around themselves. The Shroud will immediately close up once the invading unit is destroyed or leaves the area.
- Red Alert manual(src)

It is essentially a giant, U-shaped magnetic coil that causes interference in the atmosphere that prevents enemy units and command interfaces from mapping or exploring a segment of the battlefield in its close proximity. A mobile version of the generator, the mobile gap generator, was also produced during the Second World War.


A new model was in service during the Third World War, which performed the same function, but without the need for the coils to be constantly rotating.

Game building

The Gap Generator creates a persistent shroud in a radius around the structure. This shroud is temporarily lifted nearby a unit traveling through, but it returns behind the unit as it moves away. The shroud will regenerate in this manner, so long as the structure is standing and there is adequate power available.

The AI is entirely unaffected by Gap Generators, as it is not affected by the shroud in general. In singleplayer missions and skirmish matches against the AI, a Gap Generator provides no advantage to the player whatsoever. Gap Generators are therefore best suited for multiplayer games that involve human opponents, and in any campaign missions where the player has them (e.g. Protect the Chronosphere) they are best just sold for cash and spare power. Gap Generators are, of course, a problem in the Soviet campaign for the human player, especially Mobile Gap Generators masking groups of advancing attackers as can be seen in Capture the Chronosphere.



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  • The Gap generator is the only defensive structure in the game that can be infiltrated by a spy and captured by an engineer, as can be seen inside the Rules.ini file. It is unknown if this is intended or an oversight as, according to the source code, "[t]ypically, military or hardened structures such as turrets cannot be captured".[1]

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