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The Gap Generator is a fragile, towering structure that was developed by Albert Einstein for the Allies in the Second World War as an offshoot of the Philadelphia Experiment.


It is essentially a giant, U-shaped magnetic coil that causes interference in the atmosphere that prevents enemy units and command interfaces from mapping or exploring a segment of the battlefield in its close proximity. A mobile version of the generator, the Mobile Gap Generator, was also produced during the Second World War.

Despite the Gap Generator's ability of creating vast patches of shroud, any Allied unit within the shroud can still be targeted by enemy units, even airstrikes.


A new model was in service during the Third World War, which performed the same function, but without the need for the coils to be constantly rotating.


The Gap Generator creates a persistent shroud in a radius around the structure. This shroud is lifted by units traveling through as normal, but it returns as the unit moves away. The shroud will regenerate in this manner so long as the structure is standing and there is adequate power available.


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