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TS GDI Gate 2 Icons.gif TS GDI Gate 1 Icons.gif
TS Nod Gate 2 Icons.gif TS Nod Gate 1 Icons.gif
Role Logistics regulation
Tech level 6
Hit points 350
Armor type Heavy
Cost $250
Requires GDI Barracks/Hand of Nod

The gate is a simple automated barrier that opens up for allied units, while obstructing passage for civilians and enemy forces. Armoured gates were introduced by both Nod and GDI in the Second Tiberium War, and also used during the Firestorm Crisis. Gates proved to be a nuisance for small raider parties intent on destroying vulnerable structures such as Power plants, as they could not penetrate the armour well enough. However, this armour was no match for medium and large-sized armies, and they would quickly crumble under continuous barrages of enemy fire.


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