Gatling cannon (Generals 1)

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For the Yuri's Revenge structure of the same name, see Gattling cannon (Yuri's Revenge).
Gen1 Gattling Cannon Icons.png
Gatling Cannon

China.gif China
C inf.png Shin Fai
C tank.png Ta Hun Kwai
C nuke.png Tsing Shi Tao

China.gif Leang
Role Anti-infantry/anti-air base defence
Armament Twin Gatling machine guns
Hit points 1000
Armor type Base Defense Armor
Cost $1200
Build time 0:25
Produced by Construction dozer
Requires Nuclear Reactor
Hotkey G
Ground attack
  • 10 (12.5 with Chain Gun) (Gatling) (vs. ground)
  • 5 (6.25 with Chain Gun) (Small Arms ) (vs. air)
  • 250 (continuous fire 1)
  • 125 (continuous fire 2)
  • 83 (continuous fire 3)
  • Attack range
  • 225 (vs. ground)
  • 400 (vs. air)
  • Sight range 360
    Gen1 Land Mine Icons.png
    Land mine
    ZH Neutron Mines Icons.png
    Neutron mine
    Gen1 Chainguns Icons.png
    Chain guns
    Power -3
    Abilities Detection

    Gatling Cannons were used by China to defend their bases.


    The Gatling Cannon turret (likely autonomous) was installed on a small platform mounted with twin Gatling barrels, able to tear through infantry, light vehicles and aircraft alike. The Gatling cannons design was also used in a similar nature (twin Gatling guns) as an upgrade for the Overlord Tank and Helix gunship.

    In addition, the Gatling Tank was essentially a mobile Gatling Cannon.

    Having access to most of all three faction's technologies, Leang uses this building along with the American Patriot Missile System.


    Gen1 Land Mine Icons.png Land mine Create mines around the Gatling Cannons and harm enemy that pass through. Available for all Chinese buildings except Speaker Towers for a cost of $600.
    ZH Neutron Mines Icons.png Neutron mine Upgrades the mines to the neutron mines around the Gatling Cannons and harm infantry that pass through. Kill vehicles and tanks crew when pass through. Available for all Chinese buildings except Speaker Towers for a cost of $500. Requires Land mine to be installed.
    Gen1 Chainguns Icons.png Chain guns Improves the damage output of the Gatling Cannon by 25%. Purchasable at any China War Factory for a cost of $2000.


    The Gatling Cannon is an excellent base defense against all types of aircraft and infantry. Its guns are less powerful against vehicles, especially armored tanks.

    However, against lightly armored units such as the Humvee, Quad Cannon or Listening Outpost, the Gatling Cannon usually eviscerated them unless deployed en masse against a Gatling Cannon.

    The Gatling Cannons were brutally effective against General Granger's aircraft, as they filled the air with lead instead of actual missiles, rendering his point laser defenses useless. When built en masse Gatling Cannons made it a suicide run to send any aircraft into a Chinese base.


    Gatling Cannons are not as effective against tanks; the low-caliber Gatling guns require Tank Hunters, stationed in Bunkers, to fend off armored attacks. As a stationary defense, the Gatling Cannon is just as vulnerable to attack from long-range artillery units.

    As with all weapons, Auroras were semi-invulnerable to the hail of bullets fired from the defence and could destroy one without too much difficulty. However, it would immediately become vulnerable after its attack run and most likely be shot down if there are also other cannons nearby.

    They were also reliant on power to remain operational, so if a base was underpowered, they would be rendered offline until power was restored.



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