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For the Yuri's Revenge structure of the same name, see Gattling cannon (Yuri's Revenge).

The Gattling[sic] Cannon is a Chinese base defense in Generals and Zero Hour.


The Gatling Cannon turret (likely autonomous) was installed on a small platform mounted with twin Gatling barrels. The weapon is effective against infantry, lightly armored vehicles and aircraft. It can detect stealthed units, like other base defenses.

The Overlord Tank, Emperor Overlord tank and Helix can be all be optionally upgraded with Gattling Cannons. However, those mounted on the Helix cannot target aerial threats.

Having access to examples of all three faction's technologies, Leang uses this building along with the American Patriot Missile System.

Game unit[]




The Gatling Cannon works like any other standard gunfire-based weapon. With its high rate of fire, it will make short work of soft targets like infantry and light vehicles, while its stealth detection makes it an effective guard against infiltration by camouflaged units. It can deal heavy damage to aircraft and is unaffected by anti-missile countermeasures such as flares and lasers.


As a stationary base defense, Gatling Cannons require a surprisingly high amount of power, and as such don't work well without support. In particular, they seriously struggle against heavily armored vehicles, and they are outranged by artillery units.

Aurora and Aurora Alphas, being supersonic aircraft, are effectively invulnerable to air defenses during their attack run and can destroy Gatling Cannons with ease, though they become vulnerable after releasing their payload.

While they are somewhat effective against large missiles, they cannot intercept bombs, artillery shells or small rockets.



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