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GenTool is a .DLL file created by community member xezon that expands the possibilities and removes multiple exploits in Command & Conquer: Generals and its expansion pack, Zero Hour. It is a modified DirectX 8.0 file titled d3d8.dll which the game loads at startup, considering it a required file. It is compatible with the original disc releases, as well as The First Decade and The Ultimate Collection releases of the games.

As of 2014, it redirects the online login screen for Generals and Zero Hour to the C&C:Online server instead of the closed GameSpy one.


GenTool was originally released as a tool with convenient additions directed at the multiplayer community, such as a news ticker, clock display and an FPS limiter. As newer versions were released, new features were added, such as widescreen support, replay upload mode, JPG screenshot ability, advanced camera settings, memory leak fixes and, most recently, exploit and bug fixes. Hence, GenTool has become a requirement in competitive multiplayer to prevent cheating and map hacking, combined with its replay upload repository that is often used for evidence.

Versions 6.8 and newer also have the option of downloading community-approved custom maps by ReLaX.

GenTool is easy to set up. When in the main menu of Generals or Zero Hour, the player can press the TAB key to open the GenTool menu, while settings are changed using the arrow keys.

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