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The Generals' Challenge is a mode that appears in the Zero Hour expansion of Command & Conquer: Generals.

This challenge allows the player to play as one of the three generals of each faction, nine total, to battle other enemy Generals, barring two, namely Fai and Juhziz. This leaves the player with seven playable levels, including one in the end. If the player chooses either of the two ousted generals, there will be eight total levels.

During the challenge, the last Commander to be defeated is Chinese General Leing 'Tigress' Leang, otherwise known as the boss general. Her challenge has you going against weapons and technologies from all three factions.

While the player has no access to Generals Fai and Juhziz's challenges, they can be played using mods.


United States of America

People's Republic of China

  • General Tao (Nuclear)
  • General Kwai (Tanks)
  • General Fai (Infantry)

Global Liberation Army