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The Generals' Challenge is a mode that appears in the Zero Hour expansion of Command & Conquer: Generals where you (the player) must choose a Commander and battle against nine different Generals of the three warring factions, which two are ousted from the battleground.

This challenge gives the player to play as one of the three generals of each faction to battle against another enemy General. If you play any of the Generals except the ones ousted from the challenge, your challenging levels will have seven. If it is Generals Fai or Juhziz, you will have eight in your levels.

During the challenge, the last Commander to be defeated is Chinese General Leing 'Tigress' Leang, known as the boss general throughout the player's last battling challenge with all three factions & their weapons. Both Generals Fai and Juhziz have been ousted from the challenge (their challenges can only be played using mods though).


United States of America

People's Republic of China

  • General Tao (Nuclear)
  • General Kwai (Tanks)
  • General Fai (Infantry)

Global Liberation Army