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Patch 1.03 for Command & Conquer: Generals was released in February 2003.

The downloadable patch executable includes all the patches that were released before it.


  • Quick-Match stability and matching
  • General connection fix-ups behind routers (multiple players behind the same router, refreshing the player IP after a failed connection). This isn't 100% but it should be better for most
  • Refresh button added to Custom Lobby
  • Game List/Player List no longer pops to the top occasionally
  • Player List no longer jumps, etc. making it difficult to click on a name
  • Communicator requests addition of buddy to both players. Also, incoming messages get a sound effect
  • Spaces in front of games in Game List no longer allowed
  • Game Lists/Player Lists alphabetize in upper and lower case
  • Ping tolerance icon adjustment to make more useful
  • More accuracy in number of players per game in Game List
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