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I have a surprise for you, Comrade General. A new device called "Genetic Mutator". You've met my Brutes on the battlefield. With this device, I can convert any of your pathetic infantry into loyal Brutes. Loyal to me that is.
- Yuri(src)

The Genetic Mutator was a superweapon Yuri developed to bolster his own forces while simultaneously destroying enemy units.

Official description[]

The first of Yuri’s super weapons is the Genetic Mutator. When fully charged and deployed, this device turns all enemy units in its area of effect into Brutes. Both friendly and enemy units are affected by the Genetic Mutator, and all created Brutes fall under the control of Yuri. Attack Dogs and any beasts (including Dolphins and Giant Squids) are not changed into Brutes by the Genetic Mutator – they are simply killed.
- Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge manual(src)


The device could turn any infantry unit, Yuri's or the opponent's, into a mindless Brute, by manipulating their DNA. Non-humanoid infantry units were instantaneously killed, as the mutation process was only designed to function on humans. It is possible that some of the software technology came from Massivesoft which Yuri blackmailed into writing a genetic software. This could have formed the basis of the weapon.

Game structure[]

The Genetic Mutator is useful as a means of destroying enemy infantry attacks, answering infantry rushes efficiently. Furthermore, the Genetic Mutator could be used to convert inexpensive units, such as Initiates, into the more powerful Brutes, saving a significant amount of credits. The Genetic Mutator can also be used on Slaves, which were free to produce. The mutant Slaves could then be sent into the Grinder for a large sum of credits.

This weapon can turn even Boris and Tanya into Brutes. The only way to stop it from happening is to garrison infantry into vehicles like the Flak Track and the IFV, or any garrisonable structure. However, for whatever reason, the weapon wasn't calibrated to work on non-humans. Giant Squids, Dolphins and Attack Dogs are instead killed immediately. Due to the psychic technology imbued to the weapon other Brutes would be converted to whichever side exposing the mutator ray.

A counter for the Genetic Mutator is to reduce the usage of infantry (except Rocketeers) or garrison them in available structures. This tactic is less favorable to the Allies, as they have superior infantry corps compared to the Soviets. To reduce damage, it is advised to place a small amount of infantry (ungarrisoned) near defensive structures, luring the enemy to fire at those, rather than more valuable targets. Spies are able to reset the weapon's timer or sabotage its power supply, providing a window during which to make an infantry assault.


Warning - Genetic Mutator has been detected!

It took a long time to build up the energy necessary to turn such a huge amount of forces into brutes. Also, placing infantry into a vehicle or garrisoning a structure protected them from the Genetic Mutator's effects. For the same reason, it was completely ineffective against vehicles and structures, should it be used against them. The mutagenic energy burst seems to be focused at ground level, therefore, Rocketeers are also immune to its effect.

AI behavior[]

If superweapons are enabled in a skirmish match, the AI will always build a Genetic Mutator first before a Psychic Dominator.

The AI will always target the largest group of enemy infantry with Mutate.




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