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Georgi Kukov (Russian: Георгий Куков) is a Soviet military officer in Red Alert. Kukov and his ploys play a major role in the Soviet campaign, but he is absent from the Allied campaign wholesale.


Kukov is a career officer, firmly believing in the might of the Soviet army and his tactical ingenuity.

He is first met on the German-Polish border, where he briefs the Soviet Commander on his mission.[1] As the Germans are overwhelmed by the Soviet assault, Kukov is promoted to general. Soon, he becomes the commander of the Red Army after Marshal Radik Gradenko is assassinated and becomes Joseph Stalin's main advisor.[2]

When the commander who was ordered to capture the Allied Chronosphere in Iberia fails, Kukov blames him. However, Nadia counters by stating Kukov's intelligence was the true reason the mission failed. The General had apparently overlooked another Allied base and failed to inform the commander of said base. Stalin is furious at this oversight and strangles Kukov, breaking his neck in the process.[3]


Georgi Kukov appears only in the Soviet campaign of Red Alert.

Behind the scenes[]

Kukov might have been based on the real life Georgy Zhukov, a decorated Soviet General (and later Marshal) of the Second World War.



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