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Gerhardt Krause is the European Union's commando that was expected to appear in Command & Conquer.


Unstoppable icon
Gerharht Krause enters a frenzy and becomes invulnerable and deals higher damage.
Grenade Storm icon
Grenade Storm
Gerharht Krause barrages an area with high explosives, dealing splash damage.
Leadership icon
Gerharht Krause inspires allied infantry to fight harder and deal more damage.
Superior Physique icon
Superior Physique
Gerharht Krause can heal while idle.


Imporved Ballistics icon
Improved Ballistics
All infantry do more damage.
Senior Warfighter icon
Senior Warfighter
All infantry have increased armor.


The commando was most likely named after Erhard and Eric Krause, the C&C community managers at the time of Command & Conquer's development.


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