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Our men will go nowhere until this threat is eliminated!
- Chancellor(src)

The German Chancellor was an European Allied leader that pleged to aid President Michael Dugan in the fight against the Soviet Union during the Third World War. He was a member of the European Council and held command and control of the German military during the conflict.

Character development

Following the nuclear destruction of Chicago, the Chancellor along with other European leaders discussed the possiblity of an aid package to the United States. However, such aid would warrant Soviet retaliation and the Chancellor stated that their European forces will go nowhere until the Soviet nuclear missile silos located in Poland were eliminated.[1]

After the missile bases were taken out by Tanya's team, in appreciation the Chancellor granted the Americans permission to utilize the talents of their leading citizen, Dr. Albert Einstein.[2]

Behind the scenes

The German Chancellor is played by Stuart Nesbit, who also provided the German multiplayer taunts and voiced the tank destroyer in Yuri's Revenge.


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