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Our men will go nowhere until this threat is eliminated!
- Chancellor(src)

The German Chancellor is one of three Allied leaders from Europe that helped President Michael Dugan to fight against the Soviet Union in the Third World War. He is the most influential person in Germany.


The German Chancellor told Dugan that it was possible that Europe could aid America. After the Allied Commander was spoken to by the British Prime Minister, the Chancellor stated that the European forces will go nowhere until both Soviet Nuclear Missile Silos located in Poland were eliminated. After the missile base lost contact due to Tanya's intervention, he contacted the Americans that they would be helped by Albert Einstein, who was originally responsible for disrupting the space-time continuum.

The German Chancellor is only seen during the briefing for Operation: Dark Night.

Behind the scenes

The German Chancellor is played by Stuart Nesbit, who also did German multiplayer taunts and voiced the tank destroyer in Yuri's Revenge.

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