Germany is a European nation-state.

Early 20th Century

In the early 20th Century, Germany was part of the Central Powers during World War One. Losing the conflict, Germany was forced to sign a humilating armistance that wrecked the nation's economy.

Germany eventually recovered from the First World War but its confidence and power had been badly shaken. The loss of its colonies and its monarchy were grievous disasters resulting in a period of revolution and counter-revolution. During this anarchistic time, small poltical parties began to gain power, such as the National Socialist party, lead by Adolf Hitler.

After Adolf Hitler’s mysterious disappearance, the National Socialist party collapsed into internal infighting. During Great World War II, Germany was one the countries in the Allies. It's contributions to the war effort included fantastic commanders like Gunther von Esling, super-intelligent scientist Albert Einstein, and the civilian turned commando Tanya Adams. Germany was invaded by the Soviets in the war.

The Tiberium Age

In the First Tiberium War, Germany was allied with the UNGDI. Erich "Patch" Wulfe, a German soldier, was a member of Dead 6.

During the Second Tiberium War fights occurred in the area around Hamburg where the Chemical Missile Facility was located.

Most of Germany was declared a Yellow Zone after TW2 until recently GDI scientists discovered a way to drive back Tiberium by means of Sonic Resonator technology. They were able to turn a small area back into a Blue Zone which was called "New Eden".

During the Third Tiberium War, New Eden came under particularly heavy attack from the Scrin invaders. GDI forces did eventually manage to drive the Scrin from Germany. Cities attacked include Munich and Stuttgart.

Notable Germans

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