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25px-Disambig For the Leader of the Nod Separatists during the Incursion War, see Gideon.

General Gideon Raveshaw is the founder and first leader of the Brotherhood of Nod's Black Hand, appearing as a major adversary in Renegade.



He is a cold, silent figure, which stands in contrast with Kane, for whom public appearances and active seeking of faith in his followers are part of his master plan. However, this contrast allowed Raveshaw to gather the most faithful (one might say fanatical) of the brethren of Nod and form the Black Hand on Kane's request, which became Nod's most brutal and effective order of zealots.

His strategic skills and indomitable character allow him to lead the sect with an inhuman precision and efficiency, staying ahead of his enemies at every step.

He is a man of a short stature, which earned him the nickname Peewee from GDI Commando Nick Parker.



Originally, Raveshaw was a mercenary strategist in Africa, selling his intelligence gathering services to the highest bidder. Eventually recruited by Kane to lead Nod's espionage and sabotage branch in Tunisia, he masterminded a careful campaign to overthrow the ruling regime, leading to a revolution and establishment of a Nod puppet government, all with very limited resources.[1]

First Tiberium War[]

Raveshaw's qualities were appreciated by Kane, who eventually became a general and founder of the Black Hand. Raveshaw was thus made responsible for protecting and overseeing "Project ReGenesis", a privilege he held dear.


CNCR Raveshaw Mutated


Eventually, under the persuasion of Dr. Elena Petrova, Gideon was transformed into a cybernetic Tiberium mutant, one of the earliest and most powerful Project ReGenesis successes. Unfortunately, the process destroyed his charisma and intelligence, leaving only an obedient, fast and strong supersoldier behind.[2]

He would fight to the death GDI commando Major "Havoc" Parker in the underground part of a Nod Tiberium research facility, somewhere in the Middle East.


Appearing in Renegade, Gideon Raveshaw is the spiritus movens of much of the game's plot. A short man with a stunning charisma, Raveshaw was the founder and first leader of the Black Hand, which was created with Kane's blessing to enforce the ideals of Nod and silence all that oppose them.

He serves as a boss in the end of Evolution of Evil, and a rather tough one at that. In the fight, Raveshaw utilizes his great strength to pick up and throw various objects in the arena at Havoc, sometimes even Black Hand Stealth soldiers. He moves very quickly, easily outpacing Havoc, which he will often use to pick Havoc up and throw him across the room for 20 damage, though if Havoc is far enough away Raveshaw may instead jump to close the distance.

Finally, Raveshaw will sometimes jump onto the top of the arena and fall towards Havoc in an attempt to bodyslam him, dealing upwards of 500 damage on a direct hit. However, if Raveshaw gets bored he will instead hop down from the second level of the arena, dealing 500 damage per foot if he lands directly on Havoc.

He has a total of 2000 health (1000 hit points and 1000 shield points), making for a very tough opponent, and he can utilize the blue tiberium sample in the center of the arena to heal a small portion of his health. He uses armor types SkinMutant and ShieldChemWarrior. However, the Personal ion cannon can easily kill him in as little as 5 shots to the head.[3]


Raveshaw is a selectable character in multiplayer. He comes equipped with a railgun and is available in two flavors: regular short and mutated large.

Despite the appearance, his Tiberium-mutated form does not grant him immunity from the radiation. In addition, this form makes him a very vulnerable and inviting target to snipers.

By inserting a cheat code, Raveshaw's slot will be replaced with Kane and a mutant.


Originally, Raveshaw was supposed to have a much more intimidating model, a scarred, battle-weary Nod general. At some point in development the design was scrapped and his model was given to Mendoza.

The very first Raveshaw model was recycled and used as a prop - it's Seth's corpse in the Temple of Nod in the final Renegade mission, with the head texture being changed to that of Seth. However, a slight texturing error results in Seth's bullet wound being on the wrong side of his head.



  • The name Gideon is of Hebrew origin, meaning "mighty warrior".
  • Raveshaw's pre-ReGenesis model bears a resemblance to the character Arnold Toht in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • Mutated Raveshaw's model is coded to appear 50% larger than normal in his boss fight.[3]


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