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I don't know how you learned of this place, but I guarantee you... you will not leave it alive.
- Gideon to Parker.

The Giraud-Moebius Tiberium Crater is a location in Tiberian Twilight.


It is a massive Tiberium meteor impact crater located in the Himalayan mountains, an area now known as the Tiberian Wastelands. The crater was carved by Tiberium before the construction of the Tiberium Control Network.

Storyline development

In the years that led to the Ascension Conflict, the crater served as the Nod Separatist main stronghold in their war against the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod. However, GDI and Nod did not learn of this until the Prophet Kane ordered a Nod commander Parker to hack into Separatist leader Gideon's crawler to determine the exact position of Gideon's main headquarters.

Using this information, Commander Parker managed to gain entry into the region without immediately alerting Gideon as to his arrival as his mission was to bring back Gideon alive. A massive battle was under way between the Separatists and the Loyalist Nod armies. Gideon attempted to die by self-destructing his base, but Kane's forces managed to halt his plan and subdued Gideon and the Separatists once and for all.



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