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The Gizmo Repair Gun is a tool used by engineers and technicians that was capable of quick repairs.


The device was created during the latter stages of the First Tiberium War, and used by both GDI and Nod. It was used for a variety of purposes, from disarming explosives to repairing structures to even healing infantry.

The Gizmo was rather simple to use: just set mode, aim and press the trigger, and an energy beam is emitted from the barrel. It's primary fire released a blue beam in short pulses. When this beam hits the target, it rearranges its molecular structure and repairs any damage. The gun could be used organic as well as inorganic materials. A secondary mode fired a red energy stream, which inflicted damage.

An advanced version of the Gizmo was manufactured towards the end of the war. It looked the same as the more common version, but repaired its targets and disarmed bombs quicker. Few people used it during the war, however: A small amount of Nod technicians serving on the front line were issued it. The only member of GDI to ever use it was Hotwire of the Dead 6 special operations group.


  • How a character holds the repair gun when viewed by other players is inconsistent with its first-person viewmodel; the character's left hand should gripped onto the repair gun's left handle.


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