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Glacier is a multiplayer map for Renegade. It is one of the few official maps that enables flying vehicles.


Glacier was originally designed by Westwood's Tse-Cheng Lo, but was not completed in time for the initial retail release. With help from Mike Amerson and Chris Rubyor, C&C Den member AircraftKiller was able to recreate the map and released Glacier as a custom community-made map on September 25, 2002.[1] It was then added as an official map in patch 1.035.[2]


Glacier is a large map featuring buildings that are not featured in any of the other official multiplayer maps, such as the repair facility, guard tower, and the cannon emplacement. The Tiberium field is shared between the two teams.


CNC1 GDI Emblem Global Defense Initiative CNC1 Nod Emblem Brotherhood of Nod


One notable bug with the Glacier map is if a player places a mine outside of a building, it will seem to disappear. The mines end up teleporting near the Nod base at the end of a GDI tunnel. From there they can be disarmed.[3]



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