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We are everywhere. No walls or boundaries will hold us back, no imperialist army will stand before us, until all are free.
- Statement from GLA Supreme Command(src)

The Global Liberation Army (GLA) was a violent non-state actor in opposition to the United States of America and the People's Republic of China. The highly decentralized organization incorporated various groups of insurgents, terrorists, self-styled freedom fighters, members of the criminal underground, and other people who supported their cause under a common banner.

The GLA's rapid expansion and aggression triggered a global conflict with the nations it opposed. GLA leaders did not abide by rules of military conduct and routinely targeted civilian populations, up to and including terror attacks utilizing weapons of mass destruction.


Gen GLA Logo

GLA coat of arms during the GLA Conflict


The origin of the GLA was unknown. It was known to be active since at least 1995, at which point it controlled a ghetto in Cairo. It had ties with many of the most prominent terrorist leaders in the Middle East, including Prince Kassad, a Libyan politician and criminal mastermind; and Rodall Juhziz, a bombmaker linked to an attack on the US Embassy in Cairo and the sinking of the USS Nelsen in 2012.[1] However, its source of funding and leadership were shrouded in mystery, particularly due to its decentralized organizational structure.[2]

In the 2010s, the GLA established several strongholds in Central Asian republics, distributing its forces and leadership across the borders of these nations. It also crossed into Western China and attempted to build popular support for creating an independent state in the region. These actions were believed to be in response to China's "Modern Way" program, which resulted in increased civil liberties and growth in exports, which the GLA viewed as a threat. Around this time, it had also established and funded sleeper cells in Asia and Europe.[2]

Campaign against China[]

Gen Tiananmen Nuke

The GLA detonating a nuclear warhead on Tiananmen Square

The GLA launched its first major attack against China when it struck a military depot at Yecheng, stealing thousands of rounds of munitions and destroying a nuclear power plant, causing severe radiation leakage.[2] In order to demonstrate its military might to the GLA and the rest of the world, China organized a military parade in Beijing. However, the GLA attacked the parade and detonated a nuclear warhead on Tiananmen Square, annihilating Tiananmen and much of the participating military and civilians. In response, Chinese forces were forced to destroy their own nuclear stockpile to prevent it from falling into GLA hands.[3]

Following the attack on Beijing, China discovered a GLA cell in Hong Kong and deployed a large force in response. However, GLA forces destroyed the Tsing Ma bridge as the Chinese attack force was crossing, decimating it. The GLA had taken over the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, forcing the Chinese forces to destroy it.[4] Another GLA cell surfaced near the Three Gorges Dam and destroyed a Chinese base in the area. In response, Chinese forces destroyed the dam to stop the GLA's advance and ultimately destroyed the cell.[5] Later, Chinese forces discovered a GLA toxin factory in the Tanggula Mountains. They incinerated the factory using the napalm missiles of MiG fighters, preventing its content from contaminating the Yangtze River.[6]

Gen Toxin Facility

MiG fighters approaching the GLA toxin facility

After GLA forces were driven from China, a major GLA cell took over the city of Balykchy and heavily entrenched itself within the city. With air support from the US military, Chinese forces destroyed the GLA presence in the city.[7] Undeterred, the GLA took over a Chinese rail line and used it to amass troops in Bishkek, the subcapital of Aldastan. Though the rail line was heavily defended by GLA forces, a Black Lotus agent was able to sneak onto a train bridge and destroy it using a bomb, denying the rail line to the GLA.[8]

At last, Chinese forces located the GLA's Asia-Pacific headquarters in Dushanbe, the capital of Aldastan. For this pivotal battle, the Chinese government authorized the use of nuclear weapons. A strike team led by GLA commando Jarmen Kell ambushed the Chinese attack force on approach to the city, and the GLA even deployed their superweapon, the SCUD storm. However, the GLA cell in Dushanbe was still destroyed. The victorious Chinese forces held a military parade through the city.[9]

Rebuilding and striking back[]

Gen Dam Burst

Chinese forces being swallowed by flood at Shymkent

Though it suffered a significant setback at the hands of China, the GLA was far from defeated. Because of its campaign against the GLA, Chinese forces were spread too thin, leaving major economic and civilian targets undefended. Seeing an opportunity, the GLA forces launched an attack in the Shymkent DMZ. The local Chinese garrison was powerless to stop the GLA from destroying a hydroelectric dam, causing severe Chinese casualties and flooding a fishing village downstream.[10]

Gen Mob Riot

Angry mobs incited by the GLA destroying Astana City

To acquire resources, GLA forces intercepted UN and American aid supplies to several villages outside Almaty, slaughtering many civilians and aid workers in the process.[11] They then incited a riot in Astana, inciting angry mobs to rise up against Chinese and American forces in the city. GLA forces and angry mobs destroyed and looted much of the city, acquiring funds in the process.[12]

The GLA then sought to drive the US out of Turkey. However, they were hindered by American air support from the Incirlik Air Base, so they launched an attack on the air base and destroyed it.[13] However, they then learned that the US had taken control of their toxin storage facility in the Aral Sea. To secure their toxin supply, the GLA destroyed the US forces occupying the area.[14]

At this point, a GLA splinter cell turned against the GLA and joined the Chinese. The Chinese provided the splinter cell with nuclear warheads, but the GLA ambushed the convoy escorting the warheads, took over them, and used them to destroy the splinter cell.[15]

Gen Soyuz Attack

The aftermath of the Soyuz rocket attack

With the splinter cell destroyed, the GLA was ready to carry out their masterstroke: taking control of the Baikonur Cosmodrome. The launch facility, protected by Chinese and American forces, was planning to launch a Soyuz rocket. The GLA forces launched an attack on the facility, captured the ground control facility and launch pad, and installed a toxin warhead onto the rocket. The GLA then launched the rocket at an unknown city, poisoning it and causing massive civilian casualties.[16]

US campaign against the GLA[]

Gen SCUD Storm launch

GLA forces in Baghdad launching SCUD Storm

Following the GLA's rocket strike, the US military launched a global campaign against the GLA. Having tracked their biological weapons to Baghdad, the US launched a siege of the city. On the third day of the siege, US armored forces broke into the city. To stop the Americans from entering the city, the GLA fired a SCUD storm hidden in the nearby mountains at the city, killing a massive number of civilians. However, US forces destroyed the SCUD storm despite heavy GLA resistance and secured Baghdad.[17]

The US then tracked GLA leaders to Al Hanad, Yemen. However, GLA shot down multiple American Comanches with Stinger missiles and captured their pilots, forcing the US military to prioritize rescuing them.[18] Later, the GLA ambushed a US division in the Hindu Kush mountains, forcing it into full retreat. Most of the US forces retreated safely with assistance from a Comanche base near the Salang Pass.[19]

Gen GLA Pursue

GLA forces pursuing retreating US forces

Undeterred by the losses in the Hindu Kush, the US discovered a major GLA training camp on the coast of the Caspian Sea. In response, US forces launched an amphibious assault on the camp and destroyed it.[20]

In an attempt to end the hostility with the GLA, a UN negotiator code-named Blue Eagle attempted to hold a peace conference with the GLA in Kabara City, Kazakhstan. However, before the conference could begin, the GLA slaughtered Blue Eagle and the escorting UN forces. Having known that the GLA could not be trusted, the US stationed a force nearby, which then moved in to destroy the GLA base in the area. In an attempt to cut off the US forces, the GLA destroyed a nearby hydroelectric dam, but the US forces still managed to destroy the main GLA base in the area.[21]

In Southeastern Kazakhstan, a rogue Chinese general joined the GLA and helped them fortify their mountain stronghold. The mountain stronghold was heavily defended by tunnel networks, so the US military deployed the particle cannon superweapon and fuel air bombs, ultimately wiping out both the GLA and the rogue Chinese forces.[22]

Gen Akmola

The GLA stronghold in Akmola

At last, US forces surrounded the GLA capital in Akmola. With assistance from China, the US launched an assault on the heavily defended GLA compound and completely destroyed the heavy GLA presence there.[23]

ZH Naval Base Rocket

A US naval base in Northern Europe about to be struck by a GLA rocket

After losing its capital, the GLA was fragmented and began to retreat. However, they still controlled the Baikonur Cosmodrome and used it to threaten all of Europe with modified Soyuz rockets. After the GLA repelled a Chinese attempt to retake the facility, they launched a modified rocket at a US naval base in Northern Europe. To remove this threat, the US launched an attack on Baikonur, infiltrating a strike force into the base aboard a train. After the US ground forces wiped out the anti-air defenses around the launch pad, a B2 stealth bomber was called in and destroyed it using a MOAB.[24]

USA - Snow Fall

The GLA toxin lab in Mount Elbrus, moments before being buried by an avalanche

To defend a civilian relief convoy carrying supplies to a dock in Somalia, the US deployed the aircraft carrier CVN-88 Daedalus and the Battleship Escort Group Dreadnought to support a small number of ground forces.[25] After destroying the GLA base attacking the dock, the US found documents revealing the presence of a GLA toxin research facility in Mount Elbrus, Russia. Working with a Chinese Black Lotus agent, US commando Colonel Burton infiltrated the facility. After freeing a number of US prisoners, Black Lotus downloaded data from the facility, and Burton triggered an avalanche using explosives, burying the facility.[26]

Following the capture of the GLA toxin facility, the US learned that the GLA general known only as Dr. Thrax was responsible for running the toxin program. US intelligence tracked the funding for Thrax's research to the Amisbad Oil Fields in Iran. Subsequently, the US launched an attack on the oil fields and removed the GLA presence there.[27]

ZH Thrax silo captured

Dr. Thrax's missile silos, after being captured by American forces

With his funding cut off and US forces closing in, Thrax threatened to unleash missiles loaded with Anthrax Gamma, the deadliest strain of anthrax ever created, upon major US cities. To stop an even greater catastrophe than the Baikonur disaster, the US launched an operation to destroy or secure all of Thrax's missile silos. During the mission, a GLA general joined the US forces, believing that Thrax's obsession with toxin would kill them all. In the end, the US stopped the launch of the missiles. With Thrax apparently dead and the GLA fragmented once again, the US began withdrawing its overseas forces.[28]

Second reorganization and conquest of Europe[]

ZH Deathstrike Flight

Deathstrike fleeing from US forces in his limo

Unbeknownst to the US, the GLA leadership had abandoned Dr. Thrax to his fate, believing him to be too unstable. Meanwhile, the true GLA leader, General Mohmar "Deathstrike", escaped from American pursuit aboard a stolen American plane.[29]

After the deaths of several GLA leaders, including the apparent death of Thrax, the resulting power vacuum led to the creation of multiple GLA splinter cells. One of which was led by Prince Kassad, who refused to aid the GLA and holed up in his compound in Cairo, close to the pyramids. In order to acquire Kassad's stealth technology, the GLA attacked his compound, took over his command centers, and apparently killed Kassad.[30]

Reagan 84

The destruction of the USS Reagan

With the GLA now reunited, US intelligence warned that major actions by the terror group are imminent. Meanwhile, the GLA sought to expand their reach to all of Europe by striking at the US Mediterranean Fleet, stationed at Matala, Crete. A GLA strike force captured a particle cannon and used it to sink the aircraft carrier USS Reagan.

Following the destruction of the Mediterranean fleet, the US began reevaluating its overseas presence, with rumors that they would completely withdraw from Europe. Emboldened, the GLA launched an attack on a toxin facility on the American west coast. A strike team led by Jarmen Kell stole toxins from the facility and transported them away using a stolen American cargo plane.[31]

ZH GLA monument

GLA forces cheer as they erect monuments in Coburg, Germany

With even American soil under threat, calls for withdrawing from Europe to bolster homeland security grew louder in Washington. Meanwhile, the GLA was determined to hasten this decision. They captured a Chinese base in Stuttgart, Germany, and used it to launch an attack on the US Central Command, also located there. With the loss of its European command center, the US began a full withdrawal from Europe to defend its homeland. Many of the abandoned bases fell to the GLA, allowing them to sweep across Europe, taking over cities and erecting monuments.[32]

Loss of Europe and defeat[]

ZH Stuttgart nuke

The captured US base in Stuttgart hit by a Chinese nuclear missile

Embarrassed by the GLA's use of stolen Chinese equipment, China decided to expel the GLA forces occupying Europe following the US withdrawal. They destroyed the GLA-occupied US base in Stuttgart using a nuclear missile and mopped up the survivors with ground forces.[33]

ZH GLA attack on Chinese base

GLA terrorists rushing a weapons production facility in the Chinese mainland

In response to the Chinese attack, the GLA launched an attack on a weapons production facility in China, intending to destroy its main nuclear power plant. However, the Chinese forces held off the GLA attacks until reinforcements arrived and wiped out the invading GLA forces.[34]

ZH Chinese pincer

Chinese forces envelop retreating GLA forces in a pincer movement

With the support of the European Security Council, the Chinese military began the liberation of European cities from GLA forces. Their first target was Coburg, Germany, where the GLA had erected numerous monuments following their occupation. To secure international support, Chinese forces demolished these monuments and eliminated the GLA presence in the town.[35]

As Chinese forces swept across Europe, the GLA began retreating. Unwilling to let the GLA regroup once again, Chinese forces funnelled GLA forces toward Halberstadt, Germany. There, they wiped out many waves of GLA forces attempting to escape through this town until friendly forces closed in from the south.[36]

ZH GLA capture Hamburg

GLA forces capturing a major US base near Hamburg for a last stand

By this point, only one last GLA stronghold remained near Hamburg, Germany. The GLA forces there captured a large US base abandoned by the retreating Americans, including a particle cannon. However, the Chinese forces overcame the defenses of both bases, finally defeating the GLA forces in Europe. Following this victory, China claimed the GLA was crushed, and the World Court would try its surviving leaders.[37]

Second GLA War[]

Gen2 Gameicon The following is based on the cancelled game Generals 2 and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
Gen2 GLA logo summit

Logo of the restructured GLA

Despite their defeat in Europe, GLA cells continued operating within the shadows, waiting a moment to strike back again. The GLA was to return in Command & Conquer: Generals 2. Set ten years after their seemingly utter defeat in Europe, years of hiding paid off as the GLA reorganized itself through its activities with non-governmental organizations. They also gained the cash, hardware, manpower, and territories to strike at their enemies.

The revitalized GLA is no longer predominantly a Middle-Eastern terrorist organization. It had now expanded to include other ethnic groups and nationalities. Furthermore, they sparked another world war through rebellions within several satellite states, this time with the militarized European Union and the newly-formed Chinese-dominated Asia-Pacific Alliance.

Base of Operations[]

GLA flag

GLA flag

The GLA had cells and hidden bases across the world. Over several years, the group steadily built up their strength and support in the Third World, mainly within the Middle East and Central Asia. It was capable of establishing bases and mounting attacks even in hostile nations, including China and the US.

Due to the GLA's decentralized nature, the destruction of any individual cell did not affect others. While the group possessed a number of major command centers, including a "capital city", their destruction did little to halt the GLA's continued operation. For this reason, it was unclear whether or not the organization possessed a main base at all.

During the war of 2013, GLA cells were identified in:


The GLA's source of funding was shrouded in secrecy. Though not backed by any national government, a group of undisclosed backers offered cash bounties to GLA forces for successful engagements. It also had extensive contacts with arms dealers and black markets throughout the war, which it used to acquire weapons, ammunition, technologies, and funds.[2]

During the GLA Conflict, the GLA acquired extensive financial and military resources by raiding humanitarian aid, destroying and looting cities, and occupying Chinese and US military bases. In addition, Dr. Thrax controlled oil derricks in Russia and Iran and used them to fund his research into biochemical weapons.

Political structure[]

The GLA was highly decentralized, making it extremely difficult to either negotiate with or eradicate the organization. Their leaders were scattered across many countries, each leading a single cell.[2] Known cells included the Cobra Cell led by Prince Kassad and the Scorpion Cell led by General Juhziz.[1] The GLA as a whole was supposedly led by a group known as the GLA Supreme Command, though nothing is known about this group other than its name.[32] During the late stage of the GLA War, the GLA's overall leader was General Mohmar "Deathstrike".[29]

While the GLA's decentralized nature made it resilient, individual cell leaders may prioritize their own interests above the interests of the GLA as a whole, leading to infighting. During the GLA Conflict, GLA cells defected to both Chinese and US forces,[15][28] Dr. Thrax was abandoned by GLA Command for being too unstable,[29] and Prince Kassad was eliminated by GLA loyalist forces when he refused to aid them.[30]


The GLA saw itself as the liberator of the common people. Though the group's exact goals and motives were unclear, it was extremely hostile towards superpowers and any other forces it considered oppressive and imperialist. In addition, some GLA members referred to their enemies as infidels, implying a religious motive.

Despite its claims, however, the GLA had no qualms about causing massive civilian casualties and collateral damage in its mission, even against the people it claimed to be liberating.[10] Finally, the GLA seemed to harbor Social Darwinist views, as demonstrated when they slaughtered villagers outside Almaty, calling them "sheep" for accepting UN humanitarian aid.[11]

The GLA used the media to spread its messages and propaganda, including the pro-GLA television channel ARC News, which issued official statements from GLA Command.

Notable/known leaders in the First GLA War[]

Notable leaders in the Second GLA War[]

Gen2 Gameicon The following is based on the cancelled game Generals 2 and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Military doctrine[]

Generals Scorpion Tank

Scorpion tanks are lightly armored but find strength in numbers.

We shall descend upon them like lightning from a cloudless sky!
- GLA Militia

Unable to match the US military's sophisticated technology and the Chinese military's overwhelming numbers, the GLA relied heavily on stealth, speed, ingenuity, and the fanatical dedication of its forces. The GLA military was built for hit-and-run tactics, and its fighting forces tend to be lightweight and low-cost, making them poorly suited for direct, large-scale battles. GLA generals instead sought advantages in terrain. Through an extensive network of tunnels, GLA forces could strike anywhere, surprising their enemies.[2]

Without the backing of any national government, the GLA excelled at scavenging and making do with whatever resources it had. Much of its arsenal consisted of Soviet-era weapons acquired through arms dealers and black markets, allowing it to assemble and deploy small armies of tanks and technicals rapidly. GLA forces have also been known to salvage resources from the field of battle.[2]

In urban environments, GLA structures blended into the community to avoid detection. These structures were designed to be erected cheaply and quickly by workers. The destruction of a GLA structure would leave an escape hole, allowing a worker to emerge and rebuild it if the hole is not destroyed.[2] This makes it difficult to destroy GLA bases through the use of superweapons.

GLA forces made up for what they lacked in technology with resourcefulness and ruthlessness. They employed weapons and tactics that were gruesome yet effective, including suicide bombers, biochemical weapons, booby traps, and concealed IEDs. They were also known to use GPS scramblers to conceal their forces. Their greatest tactical weakness was the complete absence of any air capability.


C&C 2013 faction focus

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the concept stage of Generals, the GLA was originally the African Warlords, a faction that uses crude, junk-based technology, as well as mutated soldiers and animals to fight.


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