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Global Security is the first mission in the American campaign of Zero Hour. The United States destroyed the launch facility and prevented further ICBM bio-chemical attacks.[1]


The GLA captured Baikonur Cosmodrome during the First Battle of Baikonur and used ICBMs to attack major cities and US bases overseas with bio-chemicals. The launch site remained under the control of GLA remnants after the Battle of Akmola however. Another bio-chemical ICBM successfully struck a US naval base in Northern Europe. A previous attempt made by the Chinese to retake the facility was foiled, after the new missile is ready, the missile launches and destroys a US naval base in Europe, thus a US strike force was sent to prevent another launch.


The launch facility was accessible only by train, and the next missile was already en route to the facility by train. US forces sought to intercept the train at a depot to the north and use it to infiltrate the facility with several Chinese tanks. The attack was launched from a field base east of the facility and secured the depot. The train and missile were captured when it arrived. US forces embarked and were transported to the GLA field base to the north of the launch facility.

A B2 stealth bomber was already in the air as the assault on the GLA base ensued. GLA defenses were neutralized by the US forces exiting from the train and the B2 delivered a MOAB that destroyed the launch facility.


The GLA attack force only consists of a few Rebels and none else. No Construction Dozers may be built during this mission, so you're stuck with whatever you have at the base. Fortunately, the Supply Drop Zone ensures a steady stream of income.

Purchase Capture Building and Flashbang Grenades. There will be an Oil Refinery and Oil Derrick nearby, and since vehicles will be the muscle of your offense they should be seized immediately.

Two RPG Troopers are waiting to ambush your units on the bridge. Air Power is not available, so spend a General's Point on the Paladin and hope that its laser could take them down. The Stinger Sites can be a hurdle without Microwave Tanks or Tomahawks, so use Rangers' Machine Guns or Flashbang Grenades. They may need to walk up close and fire the latter automatically. Then, send in Missile Defenders or Paladins to finish it off.

China has left a few vehicles to the east. The 3 Battlemasters and Dragon Tank aren't worth the trouble because of the Paladins, but the Overlord definitely is. Upgrade it with Gattling Cannons - you can use the Ambulance to heal your units, and the fire rate bonus doesn't matter much. Some UN crates can be found too, but securing them is optional.

Use Rangers to deal with the Terrorists and clear garrisoned structures. The Overlord can take down a Stinger Site itself, but it should be ideally accompanied by an Ambulance to heal up.

Destroy the Tunnel Networks and any defending vehicles (Toxin Tractor, Rocket Buggy, Quad Cannon) with Paladins and Overlords. Refrain from engaging the Palace, as it's full of RPG Troopers. The game will send some reinforcements once you get close enough, and the provided Missile Defenders will work fine. Although captured GLA structures can't produce anything, it doesn't hurt to capture the Black Market for even more income. The train will arrive after that. The two wagons combined can hold 8 units each, so infantry-focused armies should employ Humvees/Ambulances to conserve space for Paladins and the Overlord. You've got only one shot, so make this count.

When fully loaded, the train will set off and unload your units right into the heart of action. Occupy the small civilian structure ahead and fight off any resistance. The mission will conclude eventually.


  • Abandoned Chinese vehicles can be found and captured north of the player's starting base.
  • By opening the map in the World Builder, it can be seen that the abandoned Battlemaster, Dragon and Overlord tanks were originally going to be Crusaders and Paladins instead. They were likely replaced as the player was already able to construct Crusaders and Paladins, so having them there would have been slightly redundant.
  • Garrisoning the radio station at the launch site calls in A-10 strikes against any Stinger sites the player's forces haven't yet destroyed.
  • At the end, the bomber pilot says, "I love the smell of MOAB in the morning." This is a reference to the film Apocalypse Now, where the line is based on the original line "I love the smell of napalm in the morning."
  • There are abandoned Chinese Bunkers near the base, which are inaccessible.
  • There are 2 Rocket Buggies and a SCUD launcher in the depot that will not attack you, destroy them just for securing your base.
  • The train's cattle cars can carry 8 vehicles, which is impossible in real life.
  • A crashed cargo plane can be found near a Stinger Site, north of the abandoned Chinese vehicles.



Mission playthrough


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