Golden Gate (Bridge)
The Golden Gate (Bridge) covered in Tiberium at San Francisco

San Francisco at the Marin Headlands, United States


North America




Major Site


Global Defense Initiative
United States of America

Appears in

Renegade 2
Yuri's Revenge
Tiberium Wars


Time Shift
Time Lapse

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The Golden Gate (Bridge) is one, a major site and two, a bridge in San Francisco. It appears in Renegade 2 at the Marin Headlands and Yuri's Revenge during the Yuri incident of a Psychic Dominator on Alcatraz where Tanya and Boris must destroy the weapon.

The Two Operations

In 1973, the Golden Gate was destroyed during the inital invasion by the Soviets. In the FMV part, it's perfectly set up instead of being destroyed in-game by Soviet rockets. Allied forces are destroyed at first and Boris's men go inside the Time Machine. It changes around to the Dinosaur era, but suffering from that mistake was that the Soviet Union came to the location of the weapon and was destroyed. For the Allies, they capture the Time Machine as an unfortuante grief is that the Soviet forces under General Vladimir and Premier Romanov came to invade the US west coast. Tanya was sent to destroy the Psychic Dominator, which was a major success.


The bridge appears in Renegade 2 and Yuri's Revenge as missionary sites despite the mistake that the Golden Gate (Bridge) was destroyed in-game instead of being perfectly set in-game from V3 Rockets. During GDI's briefing in Tiberium Wars, the bridge is seen being covered in Tiberium for some Blue Zone locations.

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