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Gosh Darn Mongolians! is a side mission for Commander's Challenge.

Kenji tells the FutureTech Commander that his forces are going to rampage through the village and destroy his base. The Commander and Kelly Weaver responded with a suggestion that they'll destroy them and save the village. The mission is thirty-third in line before the Ready to Roll Out operation and after the Harbinger is taken to its main headquarters.


The Imperial King Oni may not look like an obvious match for a main battle tank, but has more than proven itself in battle. Commander Kenji happens to be training a bunch of them here to smash through things with even greater efficiency. We would dearly love to understand what makes the Onis tick--we're not even sure if there's a flesh-and-blood pilot inside of those things. Why don't you spoil Kenji's little exercise so we can find out?


Weaver sends the FutureTech Commander to north-east China in stealing Kenji's King Oni from his base north-east of the player's position. Kenji will send in his King Oni to attack the Futuretech Commander on the field, but unfortunately it was destroyed. The FutureTech forces then destroyed Kenji's main base and is defeated by them. The next target for FutureTech is in Canada where Douglas Hill has a Pacifier FAV that the Commander must get to store in his arsenal of Allied technologies.

Strategies and notes

  • Tankbusters deal Explosive damage instead of Rocket or Flak damage which King Oni are vulnerable to.
  • Gain access to the 10 person garrison able house by ctrl clicking the wall segment next to it, then fill it with anti-tank infantry.
  • Kenji has one Greater King Oni.
  • Kenji will build Mecha Tengus to defend the King Onis against aircraft.
  • Do not abandon land if you don't have a good naval force. Future efforts to rebuild on land from sea will be blocked by King Oni 
  • However, if you decide to do so, try to capture Veteran Academy and destroy all four bridges on the map. Since Kenji will build only King Onis and Tengus, he won't repair them, thus You will be able to expand on these islands. 
  • All you need are infantry to win this mission.
  • Do not forget about Honorable Discharge, this applies to both you and Kenji.


  • The name of this challenge is a reference to the South Park episode "Child Abduction is Not Funny", in which Chinese restaurant owner Mr. Kim attempted to build a wall around South Park, but a group of Mongolians constantly destroyed the wall, simply because that is what they do whenever Chinese people put up a wall.
    • "God damned Mongolians!" was one of Mr. Kim's recurring lines in that episode.
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