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Government Corruptibility is a concept used by Nod, EVA and given as a percentage breakdown in regard to countries in which Nod forces are about to intervene. The exact meaning of this term is unknown.

However the term government corruptability is distinct from the term government corruption, so it is not simply a measure of how corrupt a government is although it may correlate. It likely is an estimate of the extent to which the local government officials of that nation are corruptible; a corruptible being an existing government official working for a non-Nod regime who be reliably pursuaded to support Nod rule in the event that Nod should attempt to overthrow the existing regime. Corruptables then break down to the following groups.

  • Ideological supporters of Nod or Nod aligned parties.
  • Those whose close personal ties are to Nod personnel
  • Those who despise the existing government sufficiantly.
  • Those who can be bribed.
  • Those who can be blackmailed.
  • Ambitious opportunists.

Conversely then an uncorruptable is a government official who is reliably loyal to the present government and cannot be depended upon not to betray whatever government is installed by Nod.  Uncorruptables would thus need to be eliminated, by means of imprisonment, exile or execution in order that a stable Nod regime be installed over a nation and a new set of officials installed to replace them. 

However should an existing regime volunterily pledge itself to supporting Nod, is is unlikely that the Government corruptability rating would be particularly significant.

Government Corruptability of African Nations at time of Nod takeover[]

  • Nigeria: 93% (GDI occupied Transitional Regime:Liberated by Nod)
  • Chad: 85% (GDI Republic: Conquered by Nod)
  • Gabon: 84% (GDI Republic: Conquered by Nod)
  • Zaire: 74% (Neutral Republic: Joined Nod)
  • Namibia: 65% (GDI Republic: Conquered by Nod)
  • Angola: 63% (GDI Republic: Conquered by Nod)
  • Mozambique 52% (GDI Republic: Conquered by Nod)
  • Sudan: 52% (Neutral Mil. Dictatorship:Joined Nod)
  • Central Africa: 41% (Neutral Republic:Joined Nod)
  • Ivory Coast: 28% (GDI Republic: Conquered by Nod)
  • Tanzania: 27% (GDI Republic: Conquered by Nod)
  • Egypt: 18% (GDI Republic: 1st Nod conquest)
  • Benin: 17% (GDI Democracy: Conquered by Nod)
  • Botswana 12% (GDI Parliamentary Republic: Conquered by Nod)
  • South Africa 10% (GDI Republic: Conquered by Nod)
  • Egypt: 3% (2nd Nod Conquest)