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The Gravity Stabilizer is a Scrin structure, roughly analogous to human airfields, that can warp in air units. While unable to warp in the massive Scrin Mothership; the Stormrider, Devastator Warship, and Planetary Assault Carrier all can be built at a stabilizer.


Originally designated as 'type 8 structure' by Nod forces, the gravity stabilizer compensates for intense gravity fields generated by planetary bodies. This evidently allows alien spacecraft to make short-range teleportation jumps into the Earth's magnetic and gravitic field with maximum precision. Gravity Stabilizers typically appear only in well secured areas where alien operations are highly focused.

Unlike human aircraft, Scrin ships never seem to need to reload their weaponry, so they never seem to land, unless quick repairs are needed. This means that unlike Orcas, Firehawks, and Vertigo Bombers which need an Airfield or Air tower, the destruction of a Scrin Gravity stabilizer doesn't hamper the operations of active Scrin aircraft.

As the Scrin air force is extremely powerful, it is recommended that Gravity Stabilizers be destroyed before they can start producing a substantial air fleet.

Produced aircraft

Icon Unit Requirements Ability
CNCTW Drone Ship Cameo.png Drone Ship none Deploy
CNCTW Stormrider Cameo.png Stormrider none Stormrider
CNCTW Devastator Warship Cameo.png Devastator Warship Technology Assembler Stormrider
CNCTW Planetary Assault Carrier Cameo.png Planetary Assault Carrier Signal Transmitter Ion storm



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