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The Gravity Stabilizer was the Scrin aircraft production structure seen during the Third Tiberium War.


These structures acted as gravity stabilizers to compensate for intense gravity fields generated by planetary bodies, which allowed alien spacecraft to make short-range teleportation jumps into the Earth's magnetic and gravitic field with maximum precision.[1]

Gravity Stabilizers typically appeared only in well secured areas where alien operations were highly focused, with alien craft entering the area of operation using these structures before heading to objectives in the surrounding regions. Because of this, they were considered priority targets by Nod forces during engagements with the aliens[1].

Game structure

Compared to human airfields, the Gravity Stabilizer is more essential to the Scrin, as this structure produces their MCV equivalent, as well as their powerful air force.

Up to 4 Stormriders can be constructed and docked in a Gravity Stabilizer. Stormriders only need to land in a Gravity Stabilizer for repairs, but otherwise they can stay in the air indefinitely.

As most Scrin aircraft can repair themselves in ion storms produced by either Storm columns or Planetary assault carriers, they can be independent from Gravity Stabilizer repairs and can spend more time in battle.

Produced aircraft

Icon Unit Requirements Ability
CNCTW Drone Ship Cameo.png Drone Ship none Deploy
CNCTW Stormrider Cameo.png Stormrider none Stormrider
CNCTW Devastator Warship Cameo.png Devastator Warship Technology Assembler Stormrider
CNCTW Planetary Assault Carrier Cameo.png Planetary Assault Carrier Signal Transmitter Ion storm




  • In the game's source files, the Gravity Stabilizer is called "Warp Beacon".


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