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Great Britain stands as the last Allied nation in Europe not yet kneeling under the Soviet Union, as an armada of Soviet ships was spotted across the English Channel.
- BCN(src)

The United Kingdom, UK, Great Britain, or Britain, is a country located on the British Isles in north-western Europe. The capital city is London. In World War I, the UK is responsible for inventing today's armored fighting vehicle, codename: "Tank".

Red Alert universe

Second World War

During the Second World War, the UK was a member of the Allies fighting against the Soviet Union. The UK contributed its well-trained military forces to driving the Soviet war machine from Europe. Notably, British forces had the best armor for their units when compared, respectively, to the other military powers. Also, its capital city made an appearance including one in a major site named Buckingham Palace in the last and final mission of the Soviets where their leader, Stalin was poisoned with tea by Nadia after congratulating his best Commander.

Third World War

As you can see, Commander, they are a bit too close for comfort.
- British Prime Minister to the Allied Commander(src)

Britain was one of the European nations who rallied to the side of the United States when it was invaded by the Soviet Union. In the Allied perspective, Britain was kept from participating in the war due to Soviet threats to launch nuclear missiles at Western Europe. When the silos in Poland were removed, it began contributing actively to the war effort. British Snipers especially were renowned throughout the Allied forces. The Soviet perspective had Britain sending sniper teams to Russia in Chrono Defense and the USA in The Fox and the Hound.

Third World War (second iteration)

During the events of the Psychic Dominator Disaster, British snipers were vital in countering Yuri's Virus snipers, and played a key role in taking back the city of Seattle, Washington. Power Play was named as the Allied Commander was sent there. London's Parliament House was the site of an Allied-Soviet alliance treaty against Yuri, where an Allied commander successfully defended Parliament House from Yuri's assaults. The treaty was signed and then, the Allied veteran destroyed Yuri's base to ruins. Yuri also unleashed the first Floating Disc on this city.

You should leave, before I grow angry.
- Yuri threatening the Soviet Commander(src)

In the Soviet campaign, the Allies joined with the Soviets after a Psychic Beacon in London was destroyed to free the their forces. Tanya, who was caught under the Beacon's control, later thanked the Soviet Commander.

Third World War (third iteration)

During the new Third World War, Britain was part of the Allies and played a key role in the war against the Soviets and later the Empire of the Rising Sun. The news organisation, BCN and defense company, United Armour are located in Britain's own homeland.

The Guardian Tank is Great Britain's main contribution to the Allies; in addition Dolphins are trained in Glascow, a city in Scotland, while spies are trained in an unknown part of Great Britain. It won against the American-made Grizzly in a competition to see which would be the next Allied main battle tank. Notable personnel include Field Marshall Robert Bingham, former RAF pilot Giles Price, Lieutenant Eva McKenna and during The Uprising are both Rupert Thornley and Commander Lydia Winters.

I could help you in capturing those coastal guns, if you like.
- Giles Price on the mission at Brighton Beach with the Allied Commander(src)

In Ride of the Red Menace, the Soviets attempted to invade Great Britain - at the time the last free Allied nation left in Europe - at Brighton Beach, but they were successfully repelled by Commander Giles Price and an Allied Commander. The first Allied victory here made Soviet General Nikolai Krukov to retreat from invading the British Isles and regrouping in France and Germany.

Areas of interests


Great Britain is a playable subfaction in Red Alert, Red Alert 2, and their expansion packs.

Red Alert (Remastered)

10% more armor
- Country description

Simply named RAR Flag England.pngEngland in the drop-down list, the UK is one of the 6 (3 in the original Red Alert) playable Allied countries. Its units and structures have 10% more armor.

Red Alert 2

The British Sniper can easily eliminate enemy infantry at great ranges.
- Loading screen message

RA2 Flag Britain.png Great Britain is one of the 5 playable Allied countries. It exclusively has access to the sniper.

Cut content

Judging from commented out lines in the rules.ini of Red Alert 2, Britain was meant to have veteran NightHawk transports, Navy SEALs, and snipers at one point during the development.


Tiberium universe

When Tiberium took hold of Europe in the 1990s, the UK enjoyed relative safety from the toxic substance as an island nation with considerably less Tiberium infestation than mainland European countries.

First Tiberium War

As a former Allied nation and an economically developed state, the UK quickly became a prominent member of the newly-formed GDI, under the leadership of Prime Minister Francis Weatherell. Information recovered from the Sarajevo, Temple of Nod revealed that London's Parliament House was to be targeted for destruction. Adam Locke was appointed commander of GDI special forces, while both Dariel MacInnis and Nigel Grant were in the First Tiberium War. At the end of Cradle Of My Temple, Kane gave a Nod commander the option of destroying the Houses of Parliament with the hacked Ion Cannon.

Second Tiberium War

During the Second Tiberium War, the United Kingdom housed a secret GDI laboratory that held the test of a Mammoth Mk. II. Kane's second-in-command, Anton Slavik was ordered to delay the project to prevent GDI's testing of the next-generation Mammoth weapon. Nod managed to delay mass production, limiting GDI Commanders to only one Mammoth walker on the battlefield. Following the Second Tiberium War, when GDI classified areas of the Earth according to the degree of Tiberium infestation within them, the UK was designated a Blue Zone as Tiberium growth was still very limited and contained. The UK continued to be a thriving country with a high degree of technological developments.

Third Tiberium War

However, during the Third Tiberium War, catastrophe loomed for this once relatively safe haven. Scrin forces under Foreman 371 viciously attacked the Blue Zone, raiding the capital city of London and destroying a number of historic landmarks like the Queen's Palace and political centers in the area. The UK was left reeling and in disarray as GDI forces struggled desperately to push the invaders back into Red Zones. Fortunately, they eventually succeeded, but countless lives were lost. Furthermore the invaders' destructive assault meant that the Tiberium crystals spread out of their containment deposits.

Thus by 2062, the UK had been overrun by Tiberium and transformed into a Red Zone. The cities of Manchester and London were no exception. In fact GDI's Global Headquarters building bore a green Tiberium stain, whilst Manchester itself was one large Tiberium field.

Notable Britons

Areas of interest

Manchester in 2062.

  • London: The capital city of the United Kingdom. Kane, presumably ordered a minor nuclear attack on Parliament House, the main safe house for Weatherell and his government in TWI. In TWIII, London was viciously attacked by Scrin forces in their first mission in 2048.
  • Manchester: Home to the GDI Global Headquarters in 2062, although the spread of this Tiberium growth had covered the entire city. It was to Manchester that, on July 24, 2062, Nod leader Kane, having resurfaced, was airlifted and brought before the leaders of GDI. With the Tacitus in hand and addressing his adversaries as "brothers and sisters", Kane proposed a deal to GDI.

Generals universe

Gen2 Gameicon.png The following is based on the cancelled game Generals 2 and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Second GLA War

In Generals 2, Scotland, as part of the United Kingdom, fought alongside other European Union countries against the Global Liberation Army and the Asia-Pacific Alliance. One of its generals, Charles "Mercury Red" Barrowsmith is a Scotsman by origin.

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