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The Hellenic Republic of Greece was formed from its origins in ancient times. Known as the first places to discover democracy and the cultural center of the Ancient times, it was located in a peninsula as part of the Balkan States in Eastern Europe.

Greece earned her independence in during the Great Revolution of 1821 against the Ottoman Empire before the First World War. In the Red Alert Universe, Greece had suffered heavily from repeated assaults and liberations by the Soviet Union and the Allies respectively, becoming a war-torn country in two world wars between the superpowers.

Great World War II

In the second half of the 20th century, Greece was a member of the United Nations and a member of the European Allies. When the Soviet Union launched its offensive, Greece was the first nation to fall under the Soviet jackboot, the Hellenic army unable to halt the advance of the Soviet armored divisions. As the Soviet Army marched into Athens they laid waste to much of the city as the resistance faltered, and many historical landmarks including the Parthenon were destroyed in the fighting. 

The survivors and their commander-in-chief General Nikolas Stavros managed to flee the country before the Soviets could capture them and rendezvous with Allied forces fighting the Soviet offensive in Europe. As the war gradually turned in the Allies' favour, the Soviets manufactured their Sarin gas in Greece and tested them on the civilians. The Allies managed to stop the production and liberated the country before facing the Soviets at Moscow. As an act of revenge for tearing up Greece, Stavros shot Premier Stalin at point blank as he was trying to escape. Even in the aftermath of the war, Greece's economy was in total ruins.

War of the Three Powers

On a map in the Soviet conquest of Europe, Greece was left out of the Soviet jackboot, until the Allies managed to take back the initiative after The Famous Liberation in Germany and forced the Soviets back into Russia or small pockets of resistance in Europe. The Athena Cannon and Artemis was Greece's major contributions to the Allied arsenal.

In the Soviet campaign of the war, the Allies had a force defending a secret research lab in Mynokos which was responsible for the Allies' technological edge despite Einstein's removal by Premier Cherdenko. Cherdenko ordered a Soviet Commander to capture the lab and discover its secrets. In spite of Allied efforts to defend and then destroy the lab after the Soviets captured it, the information was processed and allowed the Soviets to develop a new superweapon to replace the non-existent nukes.

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