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Greg Burdette was a Nod-supporting journalist for WWN during the First Tiberium War.


An employee of the WWN news broadcasting company, Greg typically reports on military activities of the GDI in a snide, negative manner, emphasizing their international, uncontrolled nature.

One of his reports was from a GDI aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean sea, accompanied by footage of an UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter taking off with GDI commandos on board.[1]

Storyline development

Burdette in Kane's studio

During the GDI campaign, Greg reports on the alleged slaughter of civilians in a "peaceful farming village" of Białystok in Poland as part of a bigger media offensive against GDI, masterminded by Kane. This action causes an international uproar, which results in an UN investigation and suspension of GDI funding.[2]

In the same cutscene, it is revealed that the report was in fact created in a Nod green-screen studio, in an effort to severely undercut GDI. The entire report seems to be completely fabricated.


Greg Burdette's false reports being recorded in a Nod studio
As the GDI forces take off for an another land assault, the free world holds its breath. This is Greg Burdette, WWN, somewhere in the Mediterranean.
- Tiberian Dawn intro
And the death toll so far... God only knows. This is Greg Burdette, standing in front of what GDI terrorists have left of the St. Olafski orphanage.
- Tiberian Dawn, GDI background of the conflict.
War-torn Białystok. Once a happy farming town for peace-loving peasants. Today, a slaughterhouse. Yet one more casualty in the insane GDI assault against mankind. Yet another in the series of villages wiped off the Earth by the Global Defense Initiative and its misguided leader, General Mark Sheppard. And what crime did Białystok commit to warrant such carnage? Sources indicate that GDI terrorists were convinced this simple hamlet was involved in the manufacturing and shipping of Tiberium. When will this madness end? Only when General Sheppard and his vision of One World Order is stopped. This is Greg Burdette, Białystok.
- Report which started the Białystok scandal


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