Grenadier (Red Alert)

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This article is about the Red Alert Soviet Grenadier. For the other Grenadiers, see Grenadier.
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Internal name E2
Affiliation RAR Soviets Logo.png Soviet Union
Allies (Giant ants missions only)
Role Support infantry
Armament High-explosive grenades
Protection N/A
Tier 1
Tech level 1
Hit points 50
Armor type N/A
Cost $160
Produced by Soviet barracks
Ground attack 50 (HE)
Cooldown 60
Speed 5
Attack range 4
Sight range 4

Grenadiers are specially trained soldiers armed with high explosive grenades first introduced by the USSR to counter Allied infantry and buildings, appearing in Red Alert 1.


More powerful than the standard rifle infantry, grenadiers are frequently present alongside rifle infantry. They carry large amounts of highly explosive grenades, which they throw at long distances to engage infantry and buildings, even hidden behind obstacles. Their units are easily distinguished from other infantry, as they wear dark blue belts which hold the grenades. However, due to the amount of explosives carried by them, shrapnel could easily detonate one and kill even a whole squad.


Tiberium Universe

During First Tiberium War, Global Defense Initiative adopted the Grenadier concept to create the own version of these infantry squads.

Red Alert Universe

These infantry squads were recalled and decommissioned after the Second World War due the development of Flak trooper before the Third World War.


They are effective at eliminating infantry quickly, sometimes in a single hit. In groups, they are effective against armored vehicles that are stationary, but they can also be effectively squashed by tanks. Fast moving infantry support vehicles could quickly finish off grenadiers. A big weakness the grenadier faces is when they are bunched up together attacking vehicles and units that get to close or pass through, which can cause unwanted friendly damage and suicides. Grenadiers that die explode, meaning that friendly infantry should steer clear from severely wounded grenadiers.

The Allies can train them in the giant ants missions only.


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