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For other uses, see Grenadier.

Grenadiers are a multi-purpose infantry unit available to GDI in Tiberian Dawn.


The Grenadier is a very useful all-purpose infantry unit. This troop is faster, can see further, and hit harder than normal infantry. The grenade this unit throws can not only go over walls, but can destroy them as well. They 'splode good, too!!
- Tiberian Dawn manual(src)

Trained to throw explosives accurately at extended distances, Grenadiers were implemented to allow GDI to counter enemy infantry, fixed defensive emplacements, and buildings.

Game unit

Grenadiers are multi-purpose infantry unit most effective against clusters of enemy infantry units and even armored vehicles (though due to their squishiness, are best kept at a distance). Grenadiers are very effective against enemy buildings or when placed behind natural and artificial barriers, like cliffs and walls, allowing them to pelt enemy targets with relative impunity.

When a Grenadier is killed, the grenades they carry tend to explode. As a result, they operate best when spaced out, away from one another and other infantry.



DOS English Textless
TD DOS Grenadier icon.png TD Grenadier Icons.png TD Grenadier EU cameo.png


SAM site destroyed by a Grenadier

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