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Grenadiers were specially trained soldiers armed with high explosive grenades used by the GDI, with great success, during the First Tiberium War.


GDI largely used grenadiers into the first battle against the Brotherhood of Nod, with several special service troopers receiving special Kestrel Grenade Launchers.

Grenadiers were frequently present alongside other soldiers. They were armed with standard high explosive hand grenades, while some special service grenadiers of the GDI used a 6-round grenade launcher to launch grenades. The launcher could propel the grenade to great distances, but the weapon had to be fired at an angle to be effective (There was an optimum angle for distance, but it was hard to calculate exactly what angle was required for various distances). It was also harder to get the grenade to bounce when it was fired from a launcher, due to the force with which it was propelled; it generally exploded as soon as it hit the ground.


It was succeeded by the Disc thrower during the time of Second Tiberium War.


They were effective at eliminating infantry quickly, as the grenade could sometimes eliminate enemy infantry in a single hit. In groups, they were effective against armored vehicles, though this made them extremely vulnerable to units such as Flame Tanks or other area-of-effect weapons. In groups, they could also be effectively squashed. Also, due to the amount of explosives carried by them, shrapnel could easily detonate them and kill even a whole squad.



  • Cheap (cost only $160)
  • Effective against most enemy units and structures.
  • May eliminate enemy infantry in a single hit.
  • Wins against Flamethrower infantry in one-on-one matches.
  • Does Splash damage.


  • Can easily be crushed by heavy armour.
  • Vulnerable to anti-infantry units
  • Vulnerable to air units.
  • May cause friendly fire.
  • If they are bunched up, killing one may cause a chain reaction of explosions killing all of them.


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