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For the Red Alert 3 unit, see Grinder (Uprising). For this structure's successor, see Crusher Crane.

This is a Grinder. These devices can break down anything, be it mechanical or organic.
- Lieutenant Eva, Hollywood and Vain briefing

The Grinder was a Yuri structure that could recycle any ground unit under the Yuri player's control (including mind controlled units) converting them into funds. This rewarded aggressive and ruthless tactics amongst Yuri players including recycling obsolete units, capturing and recycling enemy units and converting hordes of slaves into Brutes with the Genetic Mutator and then recycling them into credits.


The Grinder was basically a large chamber with many spiked spinning and rotating grinders within it. The Grinder would intake any unit, be it organic or mechanical, and break it down into scrap for recycling. Although the process was not perfect, some value was still extracted out of the pieces. Inorganic parts would be sent to Yuri's armouries, war factories, construction facilities, and naval yards. On the other hand, organic parts would either be used in the cloning vats, Bio reactor, or to supply the crews and soldiers under Yuri's command.

The Grinder was Yuri's answer to being short on funds during Psychic Dominator Disaster. During his takeover of Hollywood, Yuri decided that the supporting characters, B list actors, and various other supporting staff were not valuable to a new, Yuri driven society. After all, what is the use of entertainment when there is no-one with free will to enjoy it? Deeming that the people in Hollywood were useless except in movies, he decided to recycle them all to fund his war effort. Afterwards, he employed Grinders wherever his forces went as a supplement to his economy.

Yuri and his army were erased from history when his timeline was replaced with the events of Red Alert 3 with its own Crusher crane. So, in a sense, the Grinder in this form never existed.

Game unit

Yuri's Grinder is a convenient to dispose of any unwanted mind-controlled units. This is especially useful if transports carrying valuable units could be controlled, such as a Chrono Legionnaire loaded into a Battle Fortress. If the transported units were disgorged from their transport, they would revert to their original owner, however, when a transport is sent to the Grinder, all the units within it were recycled as well. The Grinder also functioned as a convenient way of removing unnecessary units from the control of Psychic Towers. Since a Psychic tower could only control up to 3 units, some commanders would rush a tower with inexpensive units to fill up its queue before attacking with more valuable units.

The Grinder is also a convenient means of disposing of the cheaper units. Another tactic, involving the Genetic Mutator and slaves from the Slave Miner, could turn out quite a large sum without any expense to the owner. Since slaves were free to manufacture, the Genetic Mutator could be used to turn them into Brutes, which could then be fed to the Grinder for the credits. This also works well for disposing of basic infantry paradropped by a captured Tech Airport. Another tactic would be using it in conjunction with the array of Psychic Tower. With these arrangement any unit psychically controlled would be recycled immediately, freeing the slot for the tower to control another immediately. Anti air and more "in hand" management is required for this tactic.

The Grinder may fill the role of a service depot as it "replenishes" the armed forces in Yuri's way. In this state, a Grinder is essentially a required building for Yuri's war factories to access Yuri's MCV.

AI behavior

The AI typically sends mind controlled units to the Grinder rather their own units.

On normal circumstances after a unit is mind controlled, this has a 5% chance of happening (for reference, the other AI decisions in the same circumstance are as follows: there is a 75% chance the unit is added to AI squads, 5% it is sent to a Bio Reactor, and 15% it will mindlessly attack the enemy, usually the former owner).

This changes when the mind controlled unit in question is at red health (or 25% health). The probability increases from 5% to 40% (5% it is added to AI squads, 40% it is sent to a Bio Reactor, and 5% it will mindlessly attack the enemy).

This also changes when the AI is low on money (2000 credits or less). The probability increases from 5% to 75% (15% it is added to AI squads, 5% it is sent to a Bio Reactor, and 5% it will mindlessly attack the enemy).


  • On some occasions, the Grinder may be stuck in a frame showing all its shredders inside the structure. Despite this, the Grinder is still fully functional.


  • Yuri's Revenge patch 1.001:
    • stray units will no longer get stuck in the Grinder and render it unusable.
    • when a vehicle carrying additional units was sent into a Grinder, the Grinder will refund both the main unit and the carried units instead of just the former.
    • when a Yuri clone is loaded into a Battle Fortress, then mind-controls an enemy unit, and that Battle Fortress is sent into a Grinder, the player will no longer control that mind-controlled unit.



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